Quiz answers

Every Thursday we publish a five-question Quiz, testing your knowledge of trivia, loosely related to the environment, water and natural resource management world.

The Questions are published (along with lots of great job opportunities) in the weekly NRMjobs email Bulletin.

There is no prize, except pride. The rules are: no Googling, but you can phone a friend.

13-Jan-2022 Theme: 'Big rocks'

(1) What rocky features were formerly named ‘The Sow and Piglets’, but were re-badged in the 1920s to attract tourists?

Answer: The 12 Apostles (Victoria).

(2) From 1873 to 1993 Uluru was officially called Ayers Rock – whom was it named after?

Answer: Sir Henry Ayers (a former Premier of SA).

(3) Where in Australia is Wave Rock (aka Katter Kich)?

Answer: Near Hyden, south-east of Perth, WA.

(4) In what year was Peter Weir’s film ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ released? (bonus: who wrote the 1967 novel on which it was based?)

Answer: 1975 (bonus: Joan Lindsay).

(5) Castle Hill (aka Cootharinga) is a heritage-listed, granite monolith located in the suburbs of which Australian city?

Answer: Townsville.