Quiz answers

Every Thursday we publish a five-question Quiz, testing your knowledge of trivia, loosely related to the environment, water and natural resource management world.

The Questions are published (along with lots of great job opportunities) in the weekly NRMjobs email bulletin.

There is no prize, except pride. The rules are: no Googling, but you can phone a friend.

22-Jul-2021 Theme: 'Whale'

(1) In what year did commercial whaling cease in Australia? (bonus: where was the last whaling station in Australia located?).

Answer: 1978 (bonus: Cheynes Beach, Frenchman Bay, near Albany, Western Australia).

(2) In what part of a whale’s body is ambergris produced?

Answer: Bile duct in the intestines.

(3) What species of whale was Moby Dick?

Answer: Sperm whale.

(4) What in marine ecology is a “whale pump”?

Answer: The process by which whales carry nutrients up from the depths, releasing them as faeces at the surface.

(5) What does it mean if someone says they are “having a whale of a time”?

Answer: They are enjoying themselves immensely.