Quiz answers

23-May-2024 Theme: 'Horns'

(1) True or false?: no extant Australian native mammals have horns.

Answer: True.

(2) What is the common name for the spectacularly large horned beetle, Xylotrupes ulysses, found in sub-tropical north-eastern Australia?

Answer: Rhinoceros beetle.

(3) Who wrote the series of novels featuring the fictional 19th century British naval officer, Horatio Hornblower?

Answer: CS Forester.

(4) Meiolania, a genus of large, horned animals from Australasia which is believed to have gone extinct about 50,000 years ago, was what kind of creature?

Answer: Turtle.

(5) Staghorn and Elkhorn are Australian native species of what kind of organism?

Answer: Ferns.