Quiz answers

Every Thursday we publish a five-question Quiz, testing your knowledge of trivia, loosely related to the environment, water and natural resource management world.

The Questions are published (along with lots of great job opportunities) in the weekly NRMjobs email Bulletin.

There is no prize, except pride. The rules are: no Googling, but you can phone a friend.

30-Jun-2022 Theme: 'Lunar'

(1) Moonflower (Ipomoea alba) – also known as white morning glory – is an environmental weed in NSW and Queensland. But another plant in the same genus is an important vegetable. What is the vegetable?

Answer: Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas).

(2) True or false: In most Aboriginal cultures the moon is regarded as masculine, and the sun as feminine?

Answer: True

(3) What was the name of the lunar ‘sea’ on which Apollo 11 landed in 1969?

Answer: Sea of Tranquility (aka Mare Tranquillitatis).

(4) “And Frankie kicked a mine the day mankind kicked the Moon. God help me - he was going home in June” (from ‘I Was Only 19’, by Redgum). How many months before Frankie was due to go home?

Answer: 11 months.

(5) What kind of a creature is Stellaluna, in the eponymous 1993 children’s book by Janell Cannon?

Answer: Fruit bat.