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    NRMjobs is a niche service – it is targeted at people who work, study or are seeking work in the environment water and natural resource management field in Australia.

    As well as reaching ‘active’ job seekers in this field, NRMjobs also reaches thousands of ‘passive’ jobseekers (people not actively looking for work, but who keep a professional eye on our weekly email and who may be tempted by the right offer).

    NRMjobs has been advertising environmental job vacancies on-line since 1998. After 20 years, we know what works – we know how to make sure your advert hits its mark. Our service will direct your advert toward qualified, skilled candidates who can do the job you want, and who will add value to your organisation.

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    We are always happy to help you draft your advert to maximise its effectiveness (just ask), and to provide you with the benefit of our experience.

    For help with your advert, or if you have any other queries, please email us anytime at admin@nrmjobs.com.au or phone us (business hours) on 08 8388 5608 (that’s a direct number – not a phone menu or a call centre).

    * NRMjobs reserves the right to refuse adverts which we do not believe are suitable or of interest to our visitors and subscribers. If you are unsure, please ask.

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