NRMjobs is a small, family business based in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia.

Husband-and-wife David Mussared and Chris Duigan started NRMjobs in 1998 as a service to the environmental community, and have been running it ever since.

For more than 20 years NRMjobs has been the ‘go to’ service for on-line job advertising in the environmental field in Australia. We bring our depth of experience to every advert, and we are always willing to help craft adverts to help you attract the best candidates (just ask).

Our four children – who now also work with us – have grown up living and breathing both the Australian environmental industry and the on-line job advertising business. We have been involved in the community landcare movement since 1989, and are still active volunteers with various local environmental networks.

Our office is on a small property in beautiful Aldgate Valley, about half of which we have revegetated and weeded as a bushland Sanctuary.

The NRMjobs Office

The NRMjobs Team

Here are some of the human beings you might find yourself dealing with at NRMjobs:

David - General Manager

David, a former award-winning environmental journalist, has had more than 20 years’ experience crafting, checking and editing online job advertisements, and steering them through the internet jungle to help match the right person with the right job.

He believes the secret to attracting the best candidates is to send factual, no-frills information directly to the willing in-boxes of qualified potential applicants.

Chris - Accounts Manager

Chris is our financial and accounts manager, always ready to help sort out problems and queries.

If you are one of NRMjobs advertising customers, you will probably have dealt with Chris at some stage.

If you have any questions about the payment side of things, she is the one to turn to.

Alice - Artist

Alice is responsible for the visual design of the NRMjobs website, and for most of the other artwork on NRMjobs.

Alice is also instrumental in our social media presence, and is always happy to use her skills help make your Noticeboard advert striking and effective.

Alice is also an accomplished visual artist in her own right - you can find her on Instagram here

Joe - Website Manager

Joe is our ‘go to’ guy for all technological questions.

He was the project manager for the creation of the current NRMjobs website, and is largely responsible for its upkeep and maintenance.

He is also an experienced and talented advertisement editor, and an unruffled online troubleshooter.

Max - Marketing & Accounts

Max, the family maths whiz, is particularly handy with spread sheets, statistics and researching customer queries.

Will - Office Assistant

Will, the youngest, works part-time around the office doing whatever is needed.

He is a walking encyclopaedia on most subjects, and is currently studying Archaeology at University.

Shane - IT Manager

Shane has been tinkering under the bonnet of the NRMjobs website, database and email systems for the past 19 years.

Shane has a strong business background along with his IT skills and has now come onboard to provide continuous improvement to all aspects to the business.