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North West Ecological Services


Tamworth, NSW

North West Ecological Services (NWES) is offering a unique opportunity to an experienced Senior Ecologist to join this highly respected consultancy to support and grow the business.  

An Employee Share Option Plan with a longer term incentive opportunity offers great potential for professional growth to a like-minded senior ecologist looking for a successful and supportive professional arrangement.

About North West Ecological Services:

North West Ecological Services (NWES) is a highly respected ecological consultancy based in Tamworth and has been operating throughout Northern NSW since 1996. The consulting work is primarily focused on threatened species research, conservation assessment, flora and fauna surveys, and development impact assessment work.

Founder and director of North West Ecological Services, Phil Spark, has built the consultancy with strong conservation values. His work and success in the field of conservation was recognised in 2017 when Phil was awarded the prestigious Myles Dunphy Environment Award for outstanding individual environmental effort. In 2016 his contribution to science was recognised when invited to become a research associate of the Australian Museum.

Key Responsibilities for the role

  • Leading the design and delivery of accurate field work to produce timely, high quality technical reports for a broad range of clients within both the private sector and all levels of government, including meeting survey and research licensing requirements. 
  • Undertake NSW Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM assessments).
  • Undertake Biodiversity impact assessments.
  • Provide advice and direction to clients on regulatory frameworks and approval pathways.
  • Help drive improved quality and efficiency in all facets of the business. 
  • Be attentive to detail in all aspects of field work and reporting. 
  • Work independently and demonstrate initiative to problem solve as required.
  • Maintain relationships with clients and regulatory agencies.

What we are looking for

First and foremost, there must be a demonstrated passion for environmental conservation and scientific research in the field, accompanied by commitment to supporting NWES conservation values. There will also be ability and determination to consistently deliver high quality work that goes above and beyond client expectations. In addition the person will have: 

  • More than 8 years experience in flora and fauna survey and biodiversity impact assessment. 
  • Leadership and organisational skills to design and manage survey projects.  
  • Strong knowledge of and ability to accurately identify threatened flora and fauna and threatened ecological communities. 
  • Good knowledge and understanding of Commonwealth and State legislation and regulations governing development impact assessment.
  • Knowledge to implement the NSW Biodiversity Assessment Methodology (BAM), or the willingness to undertake accreditation training 
  • Excellent report writing skills
  • Strong self-motivation and ability to work independently
  • Demonstrated problem solving ability in overcoming field work constraints. 
  • Good communication skills and be able to build rapport with clients. 
  • Competency with computer programs and software such as MS Word, Excel, Outlook, ArcMap, Mapsource, Google Pro, also desirable is experience with Kaleidoscope and Anabat software to identify bat and other fauna calls.
  • A current manual driver's license, 4wd experience.

What are the benefits 

NWES specialises in large comprehensive fauna surveys, aquatic and terrestrial, covering an incredible diversity of species. The role offers unlimited personal development in scientific networks and lots of potential to produce scientific papers and conference presentations. It offers connection to the leaders in fauna research and will suit those that are motivated by a strong desire to contribute to conservation.

NWES is based in Tamworth, however there could be options to work remotely but within the Northwest region of NSW.   

Be prepared to manage flexible work hours and take your holidays in the quieter months once the hard work is done.

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