Aboriginal Waterway Assessment (AWA) Project Officer


Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (MILDRIN)



Salary etc:



(Aboriginal identified)

  • Full Time, two-year contract
  • $75,000 - $80,000 per annum (depending on qualifications and experience), plus superannuation 
  • Access to work vehicle provided
  • Regular travel and outdoors work involved
  • Three-month probation period

MLDRIN provides a united voice Sovereign First Nations along the Southern part of the Murray Darling Basin. It includes 25 First Nations, who have a unique connection to the rivers and waterways of the region. MLDRIN is focussed on caring for the rivers and the recognition of Aboriginal water rights.

This role will work with First Nations and lead MLDRIN’s implementation of the Aboriginal Waterway Assessment (AWA) tool in Victoria. The AWA tool is a First Nations-owned research tool designed to assess the cultural and environmental health of waterways on Country.

In this role you will work closely with First Nations to build their understanding of the AWA tool, and it will involve you in identifying and facilitating training and capacity building to support First Nations’ application of the tool.

The role involves:

  1. Leading the delivery of MLDRIN’s Aboriginal Waterway Assessment (AWA) Program;
  2. Ensuring MLDRIN’s deliverables and milestones in regard to the delivery of the AWA program are completed on time and to a high standard;
  3. Maintaining regular contact with First Nations Delegates and project contacts to ensure AWA projects are completed on time and to a high standard;
  4. Collaborating with First Nations in Victoria to identify opportunities to apply the AWA tool to waterways on Country;
  5. Collaborating with First Nations to plan and implement on-ground AWA projects in order to identify and document First Nations’ values, uses and objectives for key watering sites;
  6. Providing detailed assistance to First Nations throughout the AWA project lifecycle, including project planning, on Country facilitation, data analysis and report writing;
  7. Delivering AWA training and support to First Nations to build capacity and expertise in the application of the AWA tool across the AWA project lifecycle;
  8. Collaborating with First Nations to expand on the inaugural AWA community of practice held in 2019;
  9. Exploring synergies with existing Aboriginal water projects, waterway assessment tools and research, including the Cultural Flows Methodology;

Selection criteria:  

  1. Experience in the water management and planning sector or related natural resource management sectors;
  2. Demonstrated understanding of the AWA tool or a similar tool, or the demonstrated ability to quickly and meaningfully learn the AWA tool;
  3. Demonstrated cultural awareness and understanding of cultural protocols informing work with Traditional Owner communities.
  4. Proven ability to produce high-quality written reports and communications;
  5. Proven ability to give presentations and/or facilitate workshops, communicate effectively and tailor content to the needs of the audience;
  6. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  7. Proven ability to work within a complex team environment requiring sensitivity, confidentiality and privacy;
  8. Demonstrated experience in project management;
  9. Proven ability to prioritise, organise workloads and meet deadlines;
  10. Familiarity with a wide range of computer-based applications (including Microsoft Office Word and Excel) and a willingness to learn new software programs as required;
  11. Willingness to undertake regular travel and work outdoors;

Desirable skills:  

  1. A strong understanding of the activities and objectives of MLDRIN;
  2. Proven ability to prepare grant applications, complete projects and acquit funding;
  3. Active connections and working relationships with Traditional Owner organisations within MLDRIN’s region.


  1. This position is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants only, as MLDRIN considers that being Aboriginal or a Torres Strait Islander is a genuine occupational requirement for the position under the 'special measures' of section 12 of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (Vic);
  2. The successful applicant must have a current full Australian driver’s licence; 

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