About us

NRMjobs is owned and operated in the Adelaide Hills by husband-and-wife David Mussared and Chris Duigan (our business is called Email Media). We started NRMjobs in 1998.

Who are we?

David150chris150David Mussared is a former journalist, who has been involved in landcare in many different capacities since 1989.

Chris Duigan is a nurse, with a background in women’s health and health administration.

We live and work on a small property in beautiful Aldgate Valley, in the Adelaide Hills.


We believe businesses should place as much importance on supporting their communities and conserving the environment as they do on generating profits. Our aim is to leave our kids a world at least as beautiful as the one we inherited.

Through NRMjobs we are in touch with a network of inspirational people who are also committed to this triple bottom line approach. We feel privileged to work in such company.

Our ecological footprint

Here are some of the practical things we do in our home and office to try to reduce our ecological footrpint:

  • We have donated more than $50,000 from NRMjobs to environmental groups and projects, mostly in our local area.
  • We have no mains water (we use rainwater for all office and household purposes).
  • We have solar photovoltaic panels fitted to our roof.
  • We use only recycled paper, and we use as little of it as possible (most business correspondence is electronic).
  • Our waste paper is either recycled, or shredded, used as chook litter and eventually dug into our vegetable garden.
  • We have fenced off about a third of our property for bushland revegetation and regeneration.
  • We use a solar water heater, and in winter our hot water is also piped through our slow combustion heater (all firewood is collected sustainably on our own property).
  • We are both active members of our local Aldgate Valley Landcare group.