Governance Advisor (Independent Contractor)


Warddeken Land Management and Nawarddeken Academy


West Arnhem Land (Work from home & travel to Board Meetings/Workshops), NT

  • Location: Work from Home and On-Country in West Arnhem Land, NT
  • Sector: Indigenous Organisations
  • Support and empower Indigenous leadership
  • Work with culturally rich and diverse communities
  • Contribute to governance excellence and sustainable development

The Organisations

Warddeken Land Management and Nawarddeken Academy are two pioneering organisations committed to the preservation of culture, land management and education in the remote West Arnhem Land region. With a focus on community-led initiatives, these organisations strive to create a harmonious balance between traditional knowledge and contemporary practices. You could be part of a dynamic team dedicated to empowering local communities and fostering sustainable development.

Warddeken Land Management: An Indigenous-owned and operated not-for-profit organisation, Warddeken Land Management works to protect and sustainably manage the unique cultural and environmental heritage of the Warddeken Indigenous Protected Area (IPA). This region encompasses some of the most biodiverse and culturally rich landscapes in Australia. The organisation focuses on traditional land management practices, including fire management, biodiversity monitoring, and cultural heritage protection, all guided by the traditional knowledge of the Nawarddeken people.

Nawarddeken Academy: Established at the request of local Indigenous elders, Nawarddeken Academy operates 3 bicultural independent schools within the Warddeken Indigenous Protected Area. Through balancing a focus on indigenous intergenerational knowledge transfer and Western education systems, the Academy aims to empower Indigenous youth by fostering strong cultural identity and academic excellence. The Academy is a beacon of innovative education, combining classroom learning with on-country experiences to ensure students receive a holistic and meaningful education.

These organisations have a shared vision of cultural sustainability and environmental stewardship. Both entities foster a respectful, inclusive, and empowering work environment and this is an opportunity to be part of a dedicated team, working towards meaningful change and cultural preservation.

The Opportunity

We are seeking a passionate and experienced Governance Advisor to support both Warddeken Land Management and The Nawarddeken Academy.

This role requires a flexible and respectful approach, ensuring cultural priorities and decision-making processes are upheld. This exciting and unique role involves working closely with the Boards and CEOs, to enhance governance practices and facilitate effective decision-making processes.

As a conduit between the organisations, you will strengthen governance frameworks and foster clear communication.

Please note this is an Independent Contracting opportunity, not employment, so this role is most suited to an experienced Consultant/Contractor with your own ABN and relevant insurances.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting Board directors with transparent, high-level decision-making processes.
  • Providing practical governance training and professional development tailored to board members' needs.
  • Facilitating understanding and integration of customary and Western decision-making processes.
  • Supporting effective communication and conflict resolution.
  • Aiding in the development of a Joint Venture Agreement and other key projects and initiatives.
  • Supporting the CEO annual performance review process

About you:

We are looking for someone who embodies kindness, patience, has great listening skills and deep cultural sensitivity.

The ideal candidate will possess:

  • A strong background in working with Indigenous boards or organisations.
  • Extensive experience in board governance, particularly within not-for-profit organisations.
  • Excellent facilitation and verbal communication skills
  • Formal training or workplace experience in mediation, performance management, and dispute resolution.
  • The ability to produce and contribute to board papers effectively.
  • A high degree of cultural sensitivity, especially within a cross-cultural and multilingual workplace.

Your reward:

  • Competitive rates for an Independent Contractor role via ABN.
  • Work from home also with regular on-country engagements.
  • The opportunity to make a significant impact on Indigenous governance and community development.
  • Travel to the stunning and culturally rich regions of West Arnhem Land.
  • The chance to work with a dedicated and passionate team committed to cultural preservation and sustainable development.

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