Senior Ranger


National Parks and Wildlife Service


Southend or Robe, SA

Salary etc:

$75,430 - $79,070 p.a. (OPS).



  • Be part of a fun, collaborative and supportive team
  • Free entry to SA Parks
  • Meaningful and rewarding career

The Senior Ranger is responsible for the development and implementation of a range of operational programs.

Consistent with the objectives of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972, the Marine Parks Act 2007, relevant Park Management Plans, Departmental policies and operational plans, the role ensures:

  • Visitor experiences are enriched and economic growth promoted through the coordination of key projects, enhanced park presentation and asset management, efficient day to day park operations, improved public safety and high quality information and educational services.
  • Improved nature conservation outcomes are realised through effective biodiversity and wildlife management, including fire and flood management, compliance and the management of abundant species and threats, such as introduced flora and fauna, across the District.
  • Employees, contractors and volunteers are empowered and motivated and have appropriate expertise to meet performance goals and deliver operations safely.
  • European heritage and Aboriginal cultural heritage is effectively managed, positive working relationships are established and the co-management aspirations of local Aboriginal communities are understood and valued.
  • Effective partnerships with the community, key stakeholders, volunteers, lessees and Departmental employees are maintained where these support mutually beneficial park and wildlife management outcomes.
  • Park resources are allocated appropriately, and business and operational planning processes are applied under direction from the District Ranger.
  • Timely and informed advice is provided to the District Ranger regarding opportunities and key risks across the District, surrounding land and communities.

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11pm, 19-Jul-2024