Senior Scientist


Dept of Environment, Science & Innovation - Paddock to Reef


Rockhampton, Queensland

Salary etc:

$110,801 - $119,149 p.a. (PO4). Fixed-term, Temporary, Full-time, Flexible.



If you are up to the challenge, we are seeking a motivated individual to oversee our highly technical gully and streambank monitoring project

This role contributes to the Paddock to Reef Integrated Monitoring, Modelling and Reporting Program (Paddock to Reef) which is a collaborative effort involving approximately 20 organisations.

You will work with a team of scientists conducting paddock and sub-catchment scale monitoring trials in close partnership with the paddock and catchment modellers and the water quality monitoring experts. Specifically, this role will lead the Gully and Streambank Monitoring project. To learn more about the project please view the embedded project video and take a look at the webinar series on our Story Map Resources Great Barrier Reef Paddock and Catchment Science (information.qld.gov.au).

As a senior member of the Paddock to Reef, Paddock Monitoring team you will conduct plot to sub-catchment scale monitoring trials with a combination of field, laboratory and office-based tasks. As the project leader for the gully and streambank monitoring project you will oversee the conduct of in-field and remotely sensed data collection (LiDAR), spatial modelling, and detailed technical reporting. This work develops 3D models which process handheld and airborne LiDAR captures to determine the total volume of sediment eroded from local gully and streambank erosion sites. The data is used in conjunction with paddock and catchment scale water quality models to understand how soil is eroded from gullies and streambanks, the impacts this has on water quality and how far sediment is transported through the landscape and river systems to the Great Barrier Reef.

Your work will support state government policy, inform prioritisation of government funding, and provide input to the Reef Water Quality Report Card. You will be required to provide leadership and specialist technical and scientific advice to state and federal government agencies, regional NRM groups and other science professionals on agricultural land use impacts.

The Senior Scientist (P04) is a role in which you will:

  • Lead and coordinate technical staff to ensure the delivery of program outcomes and deliverables through:
    • Monitoring and enhancing staff performance and development to ensure a high.
    • Level of staff competence and effectiveness.
    • Negotiating with team members to ensure effective and efficient team performance; and.
    • Monitoring, evaluating and reporting on outputs to ensure that the desired results are achieved on schedule.
  • Have a strong understanding of hydrology, geomorphology and erosion processes (namely gully and streambank) and how they can be managed.
  • Demonstrated experience with remote sensing technology - particularly terrestrial and aerial LiDAR, remotely piloted aircraft and/or telemetered environmental monitoring.
  • Analyse datasets relating to land management practices and water quality at a paddock to sub-catchment scale.
  • Identify and implement innovative monitoring and modelling practices that will contribute to the Paddock to Reef Program.

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