Chief Executive Officer


Kariyarra Aboriginal Corporation


Port Hedland, WA

  • Port Hedland Based Role.
  • Excellent remuneration and entitlements package for the right person.
  • Unique opportunity to build capacity, then lead delivery of outcomes and ensure success.

New Opportunities!

The Kariyarra Aboriginal Corporation (KAC) is a relatively new Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC), which is currently accommodating new and exciting roles to support the Kariyarra People in managing their native title rights and interests. These roles will give great opportunities to those who wish to embrace regional opportunities and help make a difference to the lives of the Kariyarra People.

Living and working in the Hedland area will allow you to engage with the Kariyarra Traditional Owners and to be part of a rich cultural life. Local beaches and recreational activities create a unique lifestyle, well suited to family life.

The KAC is the PBC which holds native title in trust for the Kariyarra People, who are the native title holders of the land and waters covering approximately 17,354 sq km of Western Australia.

The Role

The primary objective of this role is:

  1. Leading the KAC in delivering efficient and cost-effective services, as well as ensuring compliance with the regulatory and contractual obligations of KAC, whilst at all times ensuring compliance with all applicable obligations.
  2. Working with and under the direction of the Board of Directors of KAC ('Board') at all times.
  3. Leading and controlling the operations, including business aspects, of KAC.
  4. Ensuring that the development and implementation of the strategic direction is in a manner that facilitates the success of KAC and is in a manner consistent with input provided by the Board from time to time.

Key Responsibilities And Objectives

1) To the Board:

  1. Provision of high level strategic and operational advice to the Board.
  2. Ensuring implementation of the spirit and intent of Board resolutions, promptly and properly.
  3. Ensuring that KAC complies with all applicable obligations, including (but not limited to) those arising under the KAC Rule Book and/or applicable legislation.
  4. Representing the KAC, as well as the Board or any member(s) of the Board as may be requested from time to time, with Government, Government Agencies or Entities or at stakeholder meetings or other forums, to effectively promote the aims and objectives of KAC.
  5. Ongoing liaison with the Chair of the Board, including between Board meetings, to facilitate preparation of all documentation for or relating to Board meetings, as well as effective promotion of the aims and objectives of KAC.

2) Financial Management of KAC:

  1. Ensuring:
    • Compliance with all requirements and obligations applicable to KAC, in addition to those applicable to the CEO.
    • Compilation of annual budgets, for recommendation to the Board.
    • That reports relating to KAC, including the Annual Report, are properly compiled and submitted within required timeframes.
  2. Responsibility for preparation and submission of all KAC financial reports, following Board acceptance of recommendations made.

3) Leadership:

  1. Demonstrating strong leadership at all times - and particularly with the Board, employees, stakeholders, community participants and representatives of Government or other entities.
  2. Leading the staff of KAC to develop the best possible relationships with members of the Board and stakeholders as well as other relevant personnel and entities; and.
  3. Ensuring:
    • The development, implementation and maintenance of the best possible working relationships, both internally and externally.
    • Promotion of KAC in the most effective manner.
    • Respect for local Indigenous culture, ceremony and language groups.
    • The maintenance of very effective written and verbal communication with staff, members of the Board, stakeholders and community members, as well as representatives of Government and external organisations.
    • That adequate resources are always available, and funded, to facilitate the effective operation of KAC.

4) Compliance:

  1. Overall responsibility for ensuring compliance, by KAC and all staff, with all requirements and obligations.
  2. Ensuring:
    • All personnel comply with KAC policies and procedures at all times.
    • Compliance with all legislative requirements applicable to KAC as an employer, as well as those applicable at the workplace.
    • That there is always appropriate focus on the safety of all personnel associated with KAC or any function(s) organised by KAC (including, but not limited to, employees and related personnel, members of the Board, stakeholders and community participants).
  3. Conduct periodic reviews, on not less than an annual basis, of all policies and procedures, then develop and (following Board approval) implement changes as considered necessary or desirable.

5) Operations:

The CEO is tasked with building the necessary capacity and then leading the delivery of outcomes for the Kariyarra People in a manner that ensures success. This will involve:

  • Development and implementation of the Vision, Operational Strategy and systems needed to deliver excellence across the broad range of business and other activities (including Native Title, Accounting and operation of Trusts).
  • Review of personnel and operational requirements, to build the structure needed.
  • A focus on transparency, with development of systems that are easy for personnel to understand and apply, and easy for KAC to manage.
  • Ensuring that decisions are always based on fact and merit.
  • Ensuring the systems facilitate long term success that ensures growth.

In addition, the CEO must:

  • Ensure the efficient and effective operation of all functions of KAC.
  • Take responsibility for development and implementation of:
    • Business strategies to meet the aims and objectives of KAC.
    • An annual Operational Plan (with implementation following approval by the Board).
  • Ensure provision of high-quality business information to the Board to facilitate decisions that advance the business interests of KAC.
  • Take overall responsibility for all personnel, including consultants and contractors as necessary, to assist KAC to fulfil its obligations.

Selection Criteria


  • Experience in working with an Aboriginal Corporation.
  • Experience in working with Traditional Owners.
  • Demonstrably strong leadership skills.
  • Experience in a senior management role and managing commercial arrangements.
  • Experience in working with a Board of Directors and providing:
    • Operational advice.
    • Strategic planning advice.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with Chair.
  • Ability to interpret financial reports and budgets.
  • Working knowledge of applicable legislation.
  • High level verbal and written communication skills, as well as IT proficiency.
  • Ability to develop positive working relationships with internal and external stakeholders, Government and other entities.
  • Demonstrated commitment to rigorous internal and external accountability.
  • Relevant tertiary qualifications.
  • Current driver's license ('C' class as minimum).
  • National Police clearance.
  • Working With Children check.
  • Details of 5 relevant professional referees.


  • Direct Indigenous heritage, preferably raised in local area.
  • Finance qualifications.
  • Experience in managing Government funded programs.

Location and conditions

The role will be based at the South Hedland KAC office. A generous salary and entitlements package will be negotiated for the right person.


Date published:


Closing date:

20-Jun-2024, 4pm