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Our business

Alluvium Consulting (Alluvium Consulting Australia Pty Ltd) is part of the Alluvium Group that brings together six organisations who are passionate about working on issues of environment and communities. Our businesses share a collective vision, strategy and a commitment to client service. Our business model is unique and driven by a genuine belief that a focus on technical depth and excellence better serves our clients and the industry.

Alluvium Consulting applies applied science and engineering to issues associated with catchments, rivers and coasts. Our focus is how water interacts with important issues of the environment and communities. Since 2006, we have been supporting our clients in designing policies and strategies, and providing practical solutions in both natural and built environments. We work for policy makers, regulators, implementers and developers in both government and private sectors.

We differentiate ourselves by having deep technical expertise, a commitment to evidence based advice and significant on ground management experience. We have built up a deep history of how Australian catchments and water systems work in practice which adds significant value to our offering. We seek to be influential in the big water and catchment issues of the time in particular the review of the Murray Darling Basin Plan, the management of the Great Barrier reef, and the expansion of urban areas.

We have almost 100 staff who operate out of offices in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville, and are looking at growth opportunities in South Australia, N w Zealand and internationally via our Indian and Mekong based operations.

Why we exist

The work we delivery for our clients, and the differences we make for the environment and communities, come down to our purpose: We are driven to create impact.

We believe the pressures of climate change, biodiversity loss, frequent disasters and the impact of these on communities are the key challenges of our time. In many cases these factors are exacerbated by decades or even centuries of historical practices. The responsibility for these issues is complicated. Various levels of government, the private, research and philanthropy sectors, in addition to the community and economy more generally, all have roles. Many of these institutions change rapidly with changes in politics or research funding.

Despite these challenges we are fortunate that we live in a time of great knowledge. Both from a scientific and an on-ground management perspective we have never been in a better position - we now have access to information from across the globe that was unimagined just 10 years ago.

We were founded to bridge the gap between the science, policy and on-ground implementation. We offer informed, creative, practical and useable advice. In doing this we hope to improve the way society deals with the connected and difficult issues of the community and its environment.

The role

Alluvium Consulting is currently looking to continue our pursuit of technical excellence, industry leadership and growth. As part of this the business is seeking to broaden the skills, experience and diversity of the Alluvium Consulting Board through the appointment of a new Non-Executive Director. This position is a replacement for one of our long-standing NEDs who has been instrumental in helping the business thrive. That person is also the current Chair of Alluvium Consulting and Alluvium Holdings Boards. A transition to a new chair of the Alluvium Consulting Board is in place.

You will need to have a specific skill set and demonstrated track record in working on professional services enterprises of our size as well as presenting a strong values-based approach to business. Typically we have sought Board members with a deep understanding and connection into our work sectors, however this appointment could also focus on bringing additional business acumen and a degree of entrepreneurial thinking.

We are ready to be challenged in the way we think about the future. We are seeking someone with skills which directly relate to the issues and growth of a medium sized business and importantly you will need to resonate with our vision, values and purpose.

This appointment will join the Alluvium Consulting Board which currently comprises 2 Executive Directors elected from the shareholders, 2 Non-Executive Directors (including this role) and the Alluvium Group CEO.

The successful candidate will:

  • Have a profile in the broad field of environmental policy, planning and/or management.
  • Have a commitment to, and understanding of, developing a business that is influential in its chosen field.
  • An infectious enthusiasm for the group and its principles (and the time to devote to it).
  • A passion for growing businesses.

Specific role requirements:

Attend four Board meetings annually. Board meetings are normally rotated around our offices and conducted over four to six hours. The Board members often meet the night before meetings for an informal dinner and discussion.

  • Attend 1 strategic planning session annually. The Boards from across the Group and executive team come together to discuss our strategic plan annually. This is normally an additional day attached to one of the Board meeting.
  • 2-5 formalised phone discussions (~ 1-2 hrs) to discuss specific issues (such as end of year accounts or group wide issues that arise).

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