Djelk Indigenous Protected Area Coordinator (Marine & Terrestrial)


Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation


Maningrida Community, NT

Salary etc:

$98,859 p.a. with 12% superannuation, six weeks annual leave pro-rata, relocation allowance, overtime allowance (firefighting operations) and rent-free accommodation.

Bawinanga Rangers presents an exciting new opportunity for the right candidate to support the ranger group in the development and growth of key projects, partnerships and research opportunities on both land and sea country throughout the Djelk IPA. 

The Djelk Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) covers an area of 6,672 square kilometres, declared a protected area in September 2009. Landowners from more than 102 clans were consulted giving their full support for the IPA and the endorsement of the Bawinanga Rangers and their management activities. Bawinanga Rangers also manages some 3500 square kilometres of coast and sea country adjacent to the IPA.

Rangers are grouped into 3 teams - Land, Sea and Women Rangers, with each team having Team Leaders to support planning and organisation. Rangers regularly consult and work with Traditional Owners (TOs), internal and external partners and stakeholders to:

  • Plan and conduct fire management - prescribed burning and wildfire supression.
  • Plan and conduct feral animal control.
  • Plan and conduct weed control.
  • Coordinate and conduct sea country monitoring and surveillance.
  • Plan and conduct biodiversity surveys.
  • Document and protect cultural sites.
  • Biosecurity and Marine debris activities.
  • Work with researchers, partners and other external organisations.
  • Engage with neighbouring Indigenous Ranger groups and IPAs.
  • Support community cultural activities.
  • Emergency response - rescue and recovery.
  • Other land and sea management activities as required.

The position will coordinate a number of new and emerging partnerships and projects based around marine and terrestrial conservation, threatened species management, ecology and cultural heritage management. A requirement of the position is also based around supporting and upskilling rangers to carry out their daily and weekly activities.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Play a leading role in the coordination of Rangers, TOs and key stakeholders to deliver the Wumara Conservation Agreement Area (CAA) Plan of Management within the Djelk IPA. This is a landmark opportunity that would see a component of the Djelk IPA upgraded to IUCN category 1b and provide legislated protection for a range of threatened species for 40 years.
  • Build on and amplify existing Ranger and TO efforts to protect a range of threatened species including three species of marine turtle, turtle nesting beaches, coastal dolphins, dugongs and associated sea grass habitat as well as threatened terrestrial species such as the Northern Quoll, Gouldian Finch and the Red Goshawk.
  • Facilitate the continuation and growth of the Bawinanga Rangers partnership with Australian Institute of Marine Science and Parks Australia - a project which involves the monitoring of sea country and deployment of sea surface temperature loggers, BRUVs and Drop Cameras.
  • Contribute expert knowledge to guide fire management efforts across the IPA as well as support wildfire suppression response and early dry season burning operations both aerial and ground based.
  • Support terrestrial biodiversity monitoring and surveys amongst a team of Indigenous rangers involving cage/camera trapping and EDNA.
  • Actively seek and initiate long term sustainable partnerships, projects and research opportunities centred around biodiversity, threatened species and cultural heritage management, to the benefit of the ranger program, TOs and the wider Djelk IPA and Homelands community.
  • Work cooperatively with Rangers and TOs to document and protect sacred sites, rock art and other cultural heritage.
  • Coordinate the planning, operation and reporting of biodiversity surveys.
  • Support weekly team meetings and daily planning with your team, with a focus on building capabilities, good decision making and problem solving with Team Leaders.
  • Assist the Manager and team to compile and submit reports, acquittals and applications for funding bodies.
  • Any other reasonable duties relevant to land management as requested by the Ranger Manager.

Selection Criteria


  1. Environmental Science or Ecology Degree with extensive experience in facilitating ecological research, conserving threatened species and contributing to all aspects of protected area management, with a strong preference for Indigenous land management experience.
  2. Demonstratable experience in and willingness to work in remote Aboriginal communities and operate effectively and positively in cross cultural contexts.
  3. Extensive understanding of contemporary land and sea management issues in Northern Australia including fire, ferals, weeds, cultural heritage and marine management.
  4. Effective verbal & written communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to liaise with people at all levels in an informative, accurate and positive manner.
  5. Ability to prioritise, organise and complete work within established deadlines, and to maintain a consistent level of professionalism. With the ability to lead teams and support upskilling and capacity building of Indigenous staff.
  6. High level proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office products, in particular Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  7. Experience with the application of GIS software and data collection tools in a land management context.
  8. Physically fit and able to work outdoors in difficult and remote environments, and travel to remote locations that may require you to camp over night or for several days.
  9. A current Drivers Licence, preferably with LR/MR endorsement.
  10. Current National Police Clearance.


  1. A Coxswain Grade 2 NC or higher maritime qualification.
  2. Northern Australian Savannah fire management experience.
  3. A current firearms licence or the ability to obtain one.
  4. A current OCHRE Card or the ability to obtain one.
  5. Experience working for a community development or not-for-profit organisation.
  6. Current First Aid Certification or ability to obtain one.

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