Ranger Program Coordinator (x2)


Pila Nguru Aboriginal Corporation


Tjuntjuntjara, (Great Victoria Desert), WA

Salary etc:


  • 1 Men's and 1 Womens position available.
  • Full time role.
  • Located in Tjuntjuntjara, in the Great Victoria Desert of WA.
  • Generous salary and leave provisions.
  • Housing, phone and internet provided.

The Corporation - Pila Nguru

Pila Nguru is a community-driven, self-funding, not-for-profit corporation and is incorporated through the Corporations (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006. Our members and staff are committed to involving the community in decisions that affect their lives and their land

Located in Tjuntjuntjara, in the Great Victoria Desert of Western Australia, Pila Nguru (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC (Pila Nguru) is the Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) of the Spinifex and Untiri Pulka Native Title Determinations - a combined area of around 9 million hectares.

Tjuntjuntjara is situated within the Spinifex Native Title Determination Area - the first determination of Native Title in Western Australia, made in 2000, following the commencement of the operation of the Native Title Act 1993.

In 2021, Untiri Pulka Native Title holders joined with Spinifex in nominating Pila Nguru to hold their native title rights and interests on trust on their behalf.

For more information on our Native Title role as a PBC.

Pila Nguru supports the Spinifex and Untiri Pulka People's aspirations to articulate their continuing connection and obligations to culture, country, and communities in many ways, including the Spinifex Land Management and Ranger Programs.

The Role - Program Coordinator

The role of Program Coordinator is, primarily, to support the Spinifex People's aspiration to care for country, culture, and their community through the Spinifex Men's and Women's (as appropriate) Ranger Teams.

Based in Tjuntjuntjara, the Program Coordinator will work with a dedicated team of Spinifex Rangers to implement a suite of cultural and natural resource management activities, including:

  • Waru palya (good fire).
  • Looking after kapi (water) places.
  • Walytja kutju (community support).
  • Camel management.
  • Return to Country trips.
  • Threatened species management.
  • Visitor management and awareness.

The above activities are just some of the strategies outlined in the Anangu Tjutaku IPA Management Plan (the IPA Plan). The IPA Plan is a community-driven plan developed using the Healthy Country Planning process which develops strategies to manage threats to improve the health of important things on country (targets).

The Program Coordinator will work collaboratively with the [title], the General Manager and the Pila Nguru Board of Director's to implement, monitor, evaluate, adapt, and report on the strategies identified in the IPA Plan to the IPA Steering Committee, Australian Government and other funders and stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities

The position is critical to ensuring that Spinifex Land Management continues to operate at the leading edge of operational efficiency and service quality whilst supporting Land Management programs to deliver strategic and operational priorities.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Plan and deliver the ranger program in accordance with funding guidelines.
  • Supervise and mentor the ranger team, ensuring activities are performed in a timely and safe manner.
  • Coordinate regular land patrols of the Anangu Tjutaku IPA to implement strategies outlined in the IPA Plan and associated project plans.
  • Prepare authentic, high-quality reports for funders, the IAP Steering Committee and Pila Nguru Board of Director's.
  • Coordinate regular asset and infrastructure maintenance .
  • Maintain spatial and other data records of activities undertaken .
  • Coordinate delivery of training to ensure staff are suitably qualified to use the required assets safely and competently .
  • Complete records and associated paperwork in relation to ranger activities, training, and program delivery, in accordance with organisational and reporting requirements.
  • Facilitate a culturally and operationally safe working environment through implementation of relevant WHS policies and procedures.

Reporting Relationships

  • The Program Coordinator reports to the General Manager.
  • The Program Coordinator will work with and report to the Board of Directors and external Consultants and directly with Members as required.
  • The position works with a high degree of autonomy and responsibility.

Organisational Environment

  • This is a unique opportunity to work with an authentic, community-led Indigenous Land Management organisation delivering programs to benefit Spinifex People, Country, and culture.
  • Pila Nguru thrives on being a dynamic, two-way organisation with strong community connections and leadership.

Hours of Engagement

  • Working hours of the position very but are generally 37.5 hours per week, Monday to Friday.
  • Some out of hours, on country, intrastate and interstate work will be required (TOIL system used).
  • Salary Packaging + Isolation Leave (2 weeks off every 10 weeks) + 6 weeks annual leave + accommodation in Tjuntjuntjara at no cost + personal phone and internet supplied.

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