Science Officer


The Mulloon Institute


Bungendore, NSW (travel may be required; some work can be carried out remotely)


You will be part of a small team that manages the scientific and technical monitoring and reporting of the Mulloon Rehydration Initiative (MRI). Your role will include fieldwork, data collection and analysis, reporting, along with communication of data to stakeholders and the broader community. Your role will also include attendance and activities at field days for TMI. This role will involve a broad range of monitoring methods, that we hope the applicant will have skills and experience with as many as possible, particularly in hydrology, flora and fauna or the ability to quickly learn from training.

  • Assist with project management of the delivery of the MRI and associated grant reporting requirements
  • Manage the monitoring components; Landscape Function Analysis (LFA), Ephemeral Drainage Line (EDL) assessments, and Rapid Appraisal of Riparian Condition (RARC) transects, analyse data and report to stakeholders.
  • Assist with various scientific monitoring as required, surface and groundwater, climate, frogs, fish, birds, aquatic invertebrates, soils.
  • Assist with reporting scientific results to a broad range of stakeholders, examples such as annual project reporting, TMI Science Advisory Committee, scientific papers, technical reports, formal and informal presentations.
  • Attendance and assistance at TMI field days
  • Manage the digital data management system in liaison with industry partner HydroTerra, and associated data management.
  • Assist with conducting group tours and educational activities with a broad range of stakeholders, landholders, community groups, schools and universities.
  • Assist in other duties as required.


 Qualifications and Experience:   

  • Minimum requirement Undergraduate Science Degree.
  • High level of scientific knowledge and application in the field regarding environmental monitoring of flora, fauna, soils, and surface and groundwater. Please see TMI website for information about MRI monitoring activities.
  • Experience with digital data management, analysis and reporting systems.
  • Good level of experience with technical and scientific analysis and reporting.
  • High level of communication skills appropriate to a broad range of stakeholders.
  • Experience with GIS and map production is advantageous, preferably ArcGIS and related use of satellite or aerial imagery.
  • Ability to operate independently at times, and with a small high-functioning team.
  • Experience with project management is preferred.
  • Abide by workplace health and safety policies and procedures

Highly desirable skills and experience – indicate experience with as many as possible

  • Monitoring, analysis and reporting of
  • Landscape Function Analysis (LFA)
  • Ephemeral Drainage Line (EDL) assessment
  • Rapid Assessment Riparian Condition (RARC)
  • Groundwater and surface water monitoring
  • Hydrological monitoring equipment e.g. stream gauges, piezometers, soil moisture sensors
  • Soils – field analysis
  • Bird surveys
  • Frog surveys
  • Aquatic macro-invertebrate surveys
  • Fish surveys (electro backpack and bait traps)
  • GIS and remote sensing and associated data management and analysis Satellite, aerial imagery, drones


  • Strong experience delivering high quality projects
  • A sound knowledge of landscape rehydration principles[KK2]
  • Organised and able to meet deadlines
  • Ability and desire to learn new skills
  • Current manual driver’s license for work vehicle, and own vehicle preferred
  • 4WD skills an advantage
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Highly motivated and demonstrates initiative and a flexible approach to work


  • Delivery of the MRI scientific monitoring on time and on budget
  • Contribution to delivery of successful TMI field days
  • Effective management of the MRI scientific and project management reporting requirement
  • Deal with landholders and coworkers professionally at all times

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