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Policy Development Volunteer


Invasive Species Council


Remote (work from home)

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Volunteer position 2-4 hours per week

ISC is the only national environmental group specifically focused on invasive species and biosecurity issues, engaging with government, industry and the community to protect Australian biodiversity from harmful invasive species. We have an acknowledged track record of high-impact results, especially given the modest size of our organisation. In order to increase our impact we are now engaging in a period of consolidation and growth and seeking to build our organisational capacity.

In line with these changes, ISC seeks to develop a full suite of organisational policies to ensure appropriate governance, coordination and legal compliance. We’re looking to engage an appropriately skilled volunteer to help us develop a number of draft policies.

Volunteer Role Description

The ISC Policy Development Volunteer will work with the ISC Admin Officer and the CEO to help develop a selection of draft operational policies.

Volunteer Role Tasks

Subject to availability and capacity, the tasks of this volunteer role will include any or all of the following;

  • Work with the CEO and staff to identify priority areas for policy development.
  • Research and write draft policies.
  • Regularly liaise with their volunteer supervisor.

Selection Criteria


  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to be self-motivated.
  • Strong research and analytical skills.
  • Shows attention to detail.
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines and operate with minimal supervision desirable.
  • Operational policy writing experience.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • Experience working in an operational role.

Role Requirements and Commitment

The volunteer will work remotely and independently, and must have access to their own computer and internet facilities. Outside of scheduled check-ins, the volunteer will work at their own pace and be able to meet pre-organised deadlines for various policy drafts. Time expectations may vary depending on the volunteer’s experience, availability and negotiated deadlines, but is likely to equate to approximately 2-4 hours per week. All necessary training will be provided upon induction.

At ISC we greatly value the contribution of our volunteers. We aim to provide them with work that is safe, effective, fulfilling and appreciated. All volunteers will be selected free of discriminaon and under equal opportunity. They will be reimbursed for all pre-approved expenses, provided with training and support, covered by volunteer insurance, and recognised for their efforts. A statement of achievement will be available upon completion of the role.

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