Executive Officer


Spencer Gulf & West Coast Prawn Fishermen's Association Inc.


Port Lincoln, SA

Salary etc:

$90,000 - $120,000 p.a. (dependent on experience)


The Spencer Gulf and West Coast Prawn Fisherman’s Association is a voluntary independent seafood sector entity that represents all Spencer Gulf (39) and West Coast (3) prawn fisheries’ licence holders.  The Spencer Gulf prawn fishery is a seafood industry leader, being the first prawn fishery in the southern hemisphere to be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the first fishery in Australia to be delegated with Ministerial approval to authorise fishing and survey strategies.  The industry is underpinned by an ethos of continued improvement to adapt to evolving community expectations of primary industries.

The Association’s business covers a diverse range of industry issues and activities, with a focus on pre and post harvest of prawns in regional SA.  The Association’s services include:

  • Co-management services and effective fisheries management
  • Thoughtful communication and relationship building
  • Strategic policy development
  • “Grass roots” input into seafood industry-wide initiatives
  • Public relations
  • Market development

The Association operates according to its constitution (under the Associations Incorporation Act 1985), policies in addition to its strategic and research plans.  It has an established governance structure to facilitate decision-making and deliver results. The objectives of the Association are to:

  • advance, promote and safeguard the prawn fishing industry in Spencer Gulf and the West Coast (Industry).
  • furnish a forum for the discussion and consideration of problems affecting the Industry.
  • support and represent Members in matters pertaining to the Industry.
  • advance and promote the Industry’s view in dealing with governments of State and Commonwealth.
  • provide representatives from the ranks of its membership to government and fishing industry organisation and bodies.

The success of the Association is its commitment to building relationships with the licence holders and stakeholders for the future.  It is important that the Association’s activities and policies have integrity and its actions are transparent and accountable to members and stakeholders.


The Executive Officer reports to the management committee via the independent Chair.  The executive officer and Chair operate as part of the management team to ensure that the Association has an excellent reputation in delivering constructive outcomes for its members. The management committee consists of seven Spencer Gulf licence holders (or nominees), one West Coast licence holder (or nominee) and an independent Chair.

The administration officer, Coordinator at Sea and deputy CoAS report to the executive officer.  The executive officer is also responsible for the engagement of industry-based observers and their safety.

Leadership philosophy

The philosophy of leadership in the management of the Association is that discussion and decision-making should be without fear or favour, collegial, harmonious, courteous, open and, where possible, unanimous. From time to time, when this is not possible to achieve a unanimous position, a vote by the management committee, or when necessary, all licence holders, is used to resolve a motion.

The Association also fosters a succession program to ensure there are leaders within the fishery ready to take on roles in the future.

Key accountabilities

  • Executive support to the management committee to promote and table strategies to improve the fisheries.
  • Delivery of co-management services including surveys.
  • Managing and supporting personnel development and succession planning within the fleet.
  • Management of the research program.
  • Manage governance structure.
  • Financial management - income (profit and loss) and balance sheet statements.

Key Challenges

  • Maintain and assess current and future risks to the fisheries and propose programs to mitigate or reduce those risks.
  • Maintain 100% membership.
  • Establish programs to ensure the fishery maintains MSC sustainability standards.
  • Evaluate opportunities for the Spencer Gulf to promote itself in the market.
  • Developing and presenting effective solutions to sensitive, multifaceted problems within tight timeframes and where there may be little or no precedent; ensuring that emerging priorities are dealt with accurately and expeditiously.


Strategic planning

  • Review and implement 3-4 year strategic and research plans.
  • Review and update fisheries’ risk assessment.
  • Implement an operational plan to deliver on Association objectives and strategies.
  • Provide strategic policy advice to the management committee and implement policy for the benefit of the members.

Connection and communication

  • High level executive support to the management committee.
  • A point of contact for the Spencer Gulf and West Coast prawn industry owners, skippers, deckhands, processors, buyers, traders and stakeholders.
  • Working in partnership with service providers such as Primary Industries and Resources South Australia (PIRSA) Fisheries, PIRSA Compliance Unit, the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), and other relevant seafood industry bodies (i.e. ACPF) or environmental non-government organisations (i.e. Conservation council SA) to discuss, negotiate and resolve issues as they arise.
  • Establish a network based approach to the delivery of outcomes for the Association by developing alliances with other seafood sectors in South Australia and nationally.
  • Form constructive relationships with key industry stakeholders and government agencies at various levels from chief executives to front-line staff.

General management, corporate governance and compliance

  • Manage the preparation of funding applications to research funding agencies, negotiate contracts for funding and manage projects that are successfully funded.
  • Lead the operational planning, coordination and running of the Association on a day-to-day basis, as well as improving the overall governance processes.
  • Oversee, manage and review the activities of the Association staff (whether part-time, full-time, seconded or contracted) and provide leadership to ensure the effective operations.
  • Participate in the management of the Love Australian Prawn campaign and provide advice to the management committee on campaign outcomes.

Special Conditions

  1. Necessary working hours as required to achieve results under this position, which may involve periodical intrastate and interstate travel. At times there is a requirement to participate in late night or early morning teleconferences.
  2. Reviews of performance will apply.
  3. Reimbursement for Prawn Association business in relation to mobile phone (partial), travel, accommodation and expenses is provided.
  4. Provide out of hours advice to members, the media and others.
  5. The position to be located in the Port Lincoln office.

Person Specification

Personal Abilities and Skills

  • Strong organisational skills and a demonstrated capacity to manage project work across diverse topics.
  • A demonstrated capacity to manage their own time and the available resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Highly developed communication skills, both written and oral.
  • A demonstrated ability to act in a position of leadership.
  • A proven ability to deal with complaints and resolve conflict.
  • Sound people management skills, with the ability to establish and maintain positive relations with stakeholders.
  • An ability to form an independent opinion and challenge industry members or other stakeholders.
  • An ability to work independently, with little guidance and execute plans and decisions effectively and transparently.
  • Computer literacy and an approach of initiating and utilising new technology.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality.


  • Experience in working with grass-roots fishers/primary producers and working cooperatively to establish networks across the industry.
  • Demonstrated experience in writing well researched proposals, submissions, briefing papers and reports.
  • Demonstrated experience managing projects, chairing committees and providing progress reports.
  • Demonstrated experiences in evaluating outcomes against objectives and inputs and in turn determine any corrective action that may be required.
  • Experience in working independently and in a small team.
  • Demonstrated experience in policy development, analysis and evaluation.
  • Demonstrated experience in financial analysis and management, including delivering budget forecasts and preparing profit and loss statements.
  • Experience in implementing work, health and safety procedures and practices.

The ideal candidate will also have:

  • Experience operating in a senior management position in a complex not for profit organisation, with a board of management and where most of the outcomes achieved is by engaging and working with members.
  • A tertiary qualification relevant to the scope and content of the job.


Based on the requirement to work for a full time position the executive officer will be paid an annual salary in the order of $90,000 to $120,000 pro rata depending on experience. Employer’s superannuation contribution will be made to a complying superannuation fund.

Employment contract

The successful candidate will receive full time employment subject to a six-month qualifying period. Conditions of employment consistent national employment standards will be offered.

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