Arid Edge Environmental Services / Arid Lands Environment Centre


Alice Springs, NT

Salary etc:

$78-80,000 (based on experience & qualifications) + super & 5 weeks leave p.a.


Arid Edge Environmental Services is seeking a environmentally motivated individual to provide landscape design consulting services and manage diverse projects within a dynamic team. Arid Edge Environmental Services is an environmental services social enterprise providing design, landscaping, consulting and project management services to clients across urban, remote and indigenous communities in central Australia. 

This position will be responsible for delivering Arid Edge’s existing projects in the area of landscaping, landscape design, conservation land management, remote food security and consulting; as well as managing day to day operations of Arid Edge’s operations and diverse team of designers, horticulturalists, rangers and community development workers.

This is a twelve month fixed term position. Renewal of contract will depend on the candidate securing sufficient fee-for service contracts to support the on going running costs associated with this position.



  • Provide strategic leadership to the Arid Edge team to ensure over the long term that the business meets ALEC strategic goals and returns profits to ALEC. 
  • Develop and maintain a strong teamwork environment, where support, delegation, collaboration and creative problem solving are fostered. 
  • Know and understand each team member’s skills and strengths and develop them to that person’s maximum potential.
  • Join and contribute to the ALEC Board, Finance and Risk Committee and the Safety Committee meetings as requested.  
  • Establish and meet regularly with an AEES steering committee for advice and guidance on business management and strategic direction.  
  • Develop a succession plan with ALEC CEO/Business Operation Manager.


  • Secure sufficient contracts and/or grant funding to cover ongoing running costs, and where possible generate a profit, as defined by the size and length of the project.
  • Ensure that the portfolio of contracts and/or projects undertaken by the consultancy directly contribute to ALEC’s strategic goals.
  • Manage and implement all current/future funding and contractual commitments
  • Ensure that all work performed is of a suitable and acceptable quality
  • Manage all relationships with clients including taking the lead role in all regular communications, liaison and reporting.


  • Control budgeted expenses and costs related to jobs, materials, plant, equipment, office costs and other resources.
  • Manage all job-related finances, quoting, cost tracking and invoicing either directly or in conjunction with Team leaders as required. 
  • Manage all budget planning and financial management for the business in conjunction with the ALEC Business Operation Manager. 
  • Provide regular project and financial updates to the ALEC CEO/Business Operation Manager and the board when required.


  • Manage and control the allocation of resources including staff, equipment, vehicles consumables and chemicals.
  • Line manage part-time, casual and contract staff accordingly.
  • Ensure all equipment used by employees and subcontractors are in good working order and comply with standards and legislation 
  • Employ sound environmental, ecological and waste management practices on jobs/contracts and within the business’s own operations.
  • Ensure all WHS policies, procedures, SWMS and safety measures are in place, adhered to and documented as needed, both on job sites and on the business own premises, (eg: chemical handling/SDS, PPE, signage, etc)                                                                                                                        

Essential Selection criteria

  • Qualifications in a relevant area, either: Environmental Science, Conservation, Natural Resource Management, Management/Project Management, Community Development, Landscape Architecture/Architecture, Horticulture, or similar.
  • Minimum 5 years experience working in either Conservation/NRM, Landscape Architecture/Architecture, Landscaping/Horticulture, environmental consulting, indigenous development or similar.
  • Experience in managing a small enterprise, including administration, logistics, client relations, scheduling, quality control and compliance.
  • Strong project management skills including planning, contract negotiations, client relations quality control, cost control, sub-contractor management, casual staff management, meeting deliverables and risk management.
  • A current manual drivers licence and an appropriate level of health and fitness to meet the rigours of remote field work including driving long distances in a 4WD vehicle, changing tyres and lifting up to 20kg.
  • A Construction Safety Induction Card (White Card) and NT Working with Children Clearance (Ochre Card) or the willingness to secure these.

Desirable selection criteria

  • Experience working with indigenous people and in indigenous communities is highly desirable.
  • Experience in client consultation and participatory community consultation methods is desirable, particularly in a cross-cultural setting.
  • Knowledge/qualifications or professional experience in any of the areas of: international development, construction industry, landscape construction, urban sustainability, food security, permaculture, climate change adaptation or cross cultural work in indigenous communities
  • Experience working in, designing for and delivering projects in remote central Australia, or similar remote, arid locations.
  • Experience in GIS data collection and mapping (QGIS, Arc GIS and Google Earth).
  • Any of the following licences or competencies:
    • o First Aid Training
    • o 4WD vehicle operations/recovery

About Arid Edge Environmental Services (AEES)

Arid Edge Environmental Services is a environmental services social enterprise established by the Arid Lands Environment Centre in Alice Springs in 2013. We provide design, landscaping, consulting and project management services to a wide range of clients across central Australia in the areas of sustainable landscapes, conservation/land management, food security and climate change adaptation.

Arid Edge specializes in techniques and design solutions appropriate to the arid zone. We place particular emphasis on water efficiency, irrigation efficiency and water harvesting/ reuse, as well as dry lands horticulture and permaculture for landscaping, land management and food production.

Arid Edge seeks to meet the vision of the Arid Lands Environment Centre for “healthy futures for arid lands and people” through a social enterprise model that engages partners on a commercial level as well as through a community development framework, and seeks where appropriate to use profit motive as an engine for positive environmental and social outcomes in Central Australia.

Arid Edge Environmental Services is a trading name of the Arid Lands Environment Centre Inc. All profits go to the Arid Lands Environment Centre.

About the Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC)

The Arid Lands Environment Centre is an incorporated association of around 400 members with a shared vision: “Healthy futures for arid lands and people”. Based in Alice Springs, ALEC celebrated 40 years of standing up for the desert country in 2020.

ALEC’s strategies 2021-2025 are that:

  • ALEC demonstrates and advocates for environmental protection and ecologically sustainable living grounded in social justice and desert wisdom*.
  • ALEC catalyses and mobilises community action on environmental issues.
  • ALEC respects, works alongside and is guided by diverse communities, cultures and organisations; we are stronger when we work together.
  • ALEC is a resilient and dynamic organisation operating in a professional and stable framework.

* ‘desert wisdom’ is founded in Central Australia’s traditional knowledge and contemporary science

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Closing date:

23-Apr-2021, 5pm

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