Tree Planters


Pacific Reforestation


Forestry regions, Queensland, NSW and Victoria

Got itchy feet? Sick of Covid lockdowns? Come on tour with us!

We’re looking for people to join our crew, and travel the country with us while we plant millions and millions of trees. Sounds like a dream…?

Pacific Reforestation is a young, dynamic and growing business specialising in large scale tree planting projects in the Forestry industry. We have about 7 million trees to plant this year nationwide!

We are currently seeking highly motivated, energetic and adventurous people to join our crews

in the following positions

  • Planters - We take care of the logistics, you show up and plant tons of trees each day. Paid piece rate.
  • Tree Runner - Assist with operational logistics - driving, loading and watering trees, quad and 4x4 operations to deliver trees to planters
  • Quality Checker - Ensure planters are trained in and abiding by quality specs - daily quality checks and plots.
  • Team Leader - Manage on-site operations and crew. Work with Project Manager to plan and execute projects.

What’s the job:

  • Large scale tree planting for forestry plantations throughout QLD, NSW and VIC
  • Millions of trees are hand-planted by our planters each year.
  • Safe and well-organised operations, so you can get the job done.
  • Training and coaching is provided.
  • Piecework pay structure for planters - get paid for the number of trees you plant – earn $250+ a day, motivated planters can and do earn much more.
  • Shared accommodations, with transport provided to work sites.
  • WHVs encouraged to apply - work counts towards visa requirements.

What's required of you:

  • Leave your home to come and live with us in rural locations - beautiful parts of the country in QLD, NSW and VIC.
  • Join us for one, two or all of our projects. It’s a long season from December to August (once you start you won’t want to stop!)
  • Be a fast learner to learn the ropes quickly.
  • Be approachable and professional with clients, staff and the communities we work in.
  • Have a keen eye for detail, and a motivation to do the job to high quality standards.
  • Be resourceful in the bush, be able to withstand the elements, and long days
  • Come to work every day with a smile and a good attitude.
  • Look after yourself - stay healthy, well rested and physically fit so that you can see it through the long haul.
  • Highly regarded skills include 4WD experience, manual drivers license, trailer driving, experience in Forestry, First Aid & CPR, Chainsaw or Chemical spray certification.

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