Independent Chair


Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership (GHHP)


Gladstone, Queensland

Salary etc:

$18,000 + travel allowance up to $5,000 per year

About GHHP

Gladstone Harbour, located in Central Queensland, is the largest multi-commodity port in  Queensland. The harbour is made up of a system of rivers, inlets, channels, tidal wetlands, seagrass  meadows and islands, and forms part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area below the low  water mark and is adjacent to the southern section of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Rapid  industrial development in and around Gladstone Harbour, major flood events, concerns surrounding  fish health, and UNESCO’s consideration of the Great Barrier Reef’s World Heritage Area status led  to public concern about the health and ongoing management of Gladstone Harbour.

In order to better monitor and report on the health of the harbour and respond to changes in its  condition, GHHP was established in 2013 to inform on the environmental, social, cultural and  economic health of the harbour. Since this time, the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan was  created in 2015, providing management plans and actions for the entire Great Barrier Reef and its  catchments, including Gladstone Harbour into the future.

GHHP is a partnership of community, industry, research organisations, statutory bodies and  government. The Partnership was formed to independently report on the health of Gladstone  Harbour, and identify opportunities based on rigorous science and strong stakeholder engagement  to improve where necessary the health to the Harbour for the future. This is achieved by the  production of an annual whole-of-system Gladstone Harbour Report Card. A pilot Gladstone Harbour  Report Card was produced in 2014, with more detailed report cards produced annually from 2015. 

GHHP’s vision is: Gladstone has a healthy, accessible, working harbour.

Roles and Responsibilities  

The GHHP Chair will undertake the following roles and responsibilities:  

  • Maintain strong relationships with Partnership Partners to ensure the successful delivery of the Partnership’s annual report card for the region and continued financial and in-kind contributions from members of the Partnership;  
  • Promote the Partnership to prospective partners and sponsors to maintain and increase  membership; 
  • Promote the interests of the Gladstone Harbour region and the Partnership at relevant,  Local, state and national forums, meetings and other events, this includes reporting back to  the Partnership on the discussion and outcomes of such meetings;  
  • Represent the Partnership to the media or delegate a suitable representative as appropriate;  • Foster a positive working relationship between all parties in the Partnership, Management  Committee and the Host Organisation;  
  • Maintain strong ties and communication with other Chairs of regional report card  Partnerships;  
  • Be aware of and declare any perceived or actual Conflict of Interest, abstaining from any  associated decisions where a conflict of interest may be present; 
  • Chair meetings and assist with agenda preparation and sign off on meeting minutes; and • Manage and set the direction of the Executive Officer; 

Desired Skills and Attributes  

  • Commitment to positive environmental outcomes in the Gladstone region.  Strong experience in providing leadership and strategic direction.  
  • Preferably based in the Gladstone region. Candidates outside the region will need to  demonstrate their ability to promote the interests of GHHP from outside the region. Experience in chairing similar initiatives. 
  • Proven and effective facilitation, relationship-building and communication skills. Ability to reconcile opposing views, as well as self-awareness and self-management to be  able to empathetically manage situations.  
  • Background in and/or strong understanding of urban and industrial water management,  coastal land management and river, estuarine and marine management.  
  • Be available for travel including overnight stays around the state and interstate to represent  the Partnership as required and approved. 
  • Availability to attend Management Committee Meetings (approximately 8 per year) and  Partners Meetings (2 per year).  

Reporting and Supervision  

The GHHP Chair reports to Partners of the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership, via the  Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership Management Committee.  

Commitment, Tenure and Salary  

Commitment to perform the role of the GHHP Chair is approximately 10 hours per week,  commencing from January 2021.  

The successful applicant will be offered a one-year contract with two one-year extensions  subject to performance.  

Remuneration for the position is $18,000 per year. Any associated travel aligned to the  Partnership functions will be reimbursed up to the value of $5,000 per year.

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