Field Botanist


AMBS Ecology & Heritage Pty Ltd


Sydney, NSW

AMBS Ecology & Heritage is seeking individuals with experience in botany.

We are an established business with a growing portfolio of clients and projects in the ecological sector. Our work includes flora and fauna surveys, vegetation mapping, biodiversity monitoring, ecological impact assessments, Biodiversity Assessment Methodology (BAM) reports, and preparation and implementation of flora and fauna management plans. Most of our projects incorporate a fieldwork component and some of the work is seasonal.

Our work is undertaken across NSW in a variety of landscapes, ranging from cleared paddocks and construction sites to dense bushland. Our clients include environment managers, property managers, construction companies, mining companies, government agencies such as OEH, DotE, DPI and RMS, and local Councils.

We are looking for applicants with:

  • at least 2 years’ experience in botanical work;
  • strong plant identification skills;
  • practical experience in undertaking ecological surveys in NSW;
  • willingness to work in remote and regional areas for up to 12 days at a time, including outside normal hours, over weekends, and in adverse weather conditions;
  • ability to use technology such as GPS, smart-phones, digital cameras, i-pads and laptop computers;
  • commitment to meticulous recording of field data;
  • strong understanding of, and commitment to, WH&S in the field;
  • ability to deal with a range of clients, colleagues and regulatory authorities with professionalism and integrity;
  • current driver’s licence.

Criteria that are not essential, but will be well-regarded, include experience in the ecological consulting industry, experience using a 4WD in off-road environments, and/or experience in a related field such as bush regeneration.

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