All job adverts published on NRMjobs are also posted on the popular NRMjobs Facebook page, which is targeted at professionals and students in Australia’s environment, water and natural resource management sector.

The NRMjobs Facebook page was launched in 2009, and now has more than 10,000 followers, who ‘engage’ with the page 3,000-5,000 times per week.

NRMjobs hosts 20 different Facebook groups, each focused on a particular skill-set within the Australian environment, water and natural resource management sector.

All job adverts published on NRMjobs are posted to up to three of these Facebook groups, depending on which professional community the advertiser is trying to reach.

The groups, with a combined membership of more than 15,000 people, are administered by NRMjobs. We do our best to eliminate off-subject postings and to filter out ineligible foreign candidates.

Bushfire jobs
Bush Regeneration jobs
Ecology, Zoology & Botany jobs
Energy, Climate & Transport jobs
Environmental Admin & Finance jobs
Environmental Communication jobs
Environmental Policy & Management jobs
Environmental Project Officer jobs
Enviro Scholarships, Internships & PhDs
Heritage & Archaeology jobs
Invasive Species & Weed jobs
Land care jobs
Marine & Coastal Environmental jobs
Nursery & Horticulture jobs
Science & Technology Environment jobs
Ranger jobs
Sustainable agriculture jobs
Waste & Recycling jobs
Water & Catchment jobs
Tree & Forest jobs

All advertisements published on NRMjobs are also posted to the NRMjobs Twitter feed, which has 1,500+ followers.

NRMjobs also hosts a LinkedIn group (Environmental job vacancies from NRMjobs) with 4,000+ members.

NRMjobs Notice 20004539 - Australasian Seed Science Conference - postponed to 5-9 September 2021
NRMjobs Notice 20004808 - 12th International Conference and Workshop on Lobster Biology & Management 2020
NRMjobs Notice 20005014 - Australasian Weeds Conference - 25-28 October, Adelaide
NRMjobs Notice 20005211 - Re-design or Build Survey and Environmental Databases
NRMjobs Notice 20005046 - Online Course: How to be an Efficient Writer
NRMjobs Notice 20005047 - Professional Consulting Service - identify & assess aquatic microfauna
NRMjobs Notice 20005006 - Automatic weed control tracking and reporting
NRMjobs Notice 20003808 - Ecology & Heritage Partners