About Us

NRMjobs is a niche job board, which is the go-to place in Australia for jobs and opportunities in:

  • Environment.
  • Water.
  • Natural Resource Management.

We bring our depth of experience to every advert, and we are always willing to help craft adverts to help attract the best candidates (just ask).

NRMjobs was founded in October 1998 by an Adelaide Hills couple, David Mussared and Chris Duigan. David and Chris are both long-term conservation volunteers and advocates who continue to support local environmental projects.

David Mussared and Chris Duigan - NRMjobs founders

The third key member of the NRMjobs team is Chief Operations Officer Shane Gelven, who has been working with us in various capacities for more than 20 years.

Shane Gelven - NRMjobs COO

NRMjobs has seen many, many changes since 1998, but we remain committed to our original vision:

  • To provide a targeted, affordable advertising outlet to connect employers with environmental professionals and students.
  • To help environmental professionals and students build careers which are financially, environmentally and socially rewarding.