Carbon Neutral Agriculture

The University of Melbourne

This Carbon Neutral Agriculture course has been put together by the University of Melbourne from significant demand from the Australian agricultural industry.  The practical workshop is aimed at anyone in the Ag Industry who needs to understand how to calculate carbon emissions and how to understand sustainabile sourcing principles and concepts.

This course covers:

  • The defining of carbon accounting and carbon neutrality.
  • Where these emissions sources and sinks exist in our farming systems.
  • How we account for these, and the options to reduce emissions of methane and nitrous oxide, and store more carbon in soils and trees.
  • The end of the course takes participants through a carbon audit of a property of their choice.

This is a 2-week self-paced learning with a ½ day live webinar which starts on 04 July. Price is $750.00 per person + GST.

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