Automatic weed control tracking and reporting

with the STA logger

The STA logger is an automated GPS and data logging attachment designed to integrate with your existing weed control tools.

We Help Simplify Weed Management and Reporting.

Does your team struggle with the complexities of location devices like handheld GPS? Or do you feel like you require more time and experience to be able to quickly collate, process and analyse the data?

Enter STA Logger. A solution designed for recording the metrics that are important to the land management and conservation industries. You’ll see where your team has been, where they sprayed and can quickly analyse the patterns with a simple and easy to use reporting system.

It’s so easy, field operators simply clip it on and forget it’s there. We put the control back into your hands with an efficient way of collating your data which will reduce operators’ inefficiencies and improve your reporting to clients, funding bodies and managers.

Connect Easily to Spray Equipment

A STA logger device is equipped to your weed spraying equipment with an integrated switch system fixed to the trigger. We support popular brands of spray equipment and customise setups for less common brands (for an additional cost).

Automatic Location & Weed Spraying Tracking

Once awakened, the STA logger automatically begins tracking your location. The location of trigger presses (i.e. weeds that have been sprayed) are recorded as you work (no additional input required).

Optionally, a 3-way toggle switch is present on the handle of the backpack models which you can use to group and categorise weeds if you are spraying more than one species.

Hands Free Data Uploading

Once back in the office, the STA logger is plugged in to charge the battery where it will automatically search for its home Wi-Fi network and begin uploading the data to the cloud. Overnight, the data is processed and delivered straight back to your reporting portal. It’s so simple, anyone can do it.

Visualise The Data

Once your data is uploaded, simply log in via a browser or mobile app to view the tracklogs and spray areas from all your units. Easily click on spray points to view details, turn layers on and off, view graphs on daily spray coverage (m²) as well as export maps too.

The mobile app is GPS enabled meaning field workers can also use this data to continue on from previous day’s work, or navigate to historic infestations to follow up and ensure there is no regrowth.

Monitor, Manage & Report

Office workers can monitor their crews progress and analyse metrics such as the distance traversed or area sprayed per day, per unit. Anyone can quickly and easily publish maps of their teams work into a variety of formats (e.g. jpg, pdf, tif & more) for inclusion in reports or updating clients.

Simplify weed management tracking and reporting with an efficient and easy to use platform.

Find out more at: stalogger.com

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