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TerraLab - Geospatial and Environmental Consultants

GIS and the Environment ...

TerraLab is a consultancy that works at the interface of the environmental and spatial disciplines. We have found that one doesn’t often come without the other. Or, that one can often be improved with the other. By engaging TerraLab, you’re guaranteeing accurate mapping, technical know-how, and specialists who understand the natural world. TerraLab is based south east of Melbourne but services clients Australia-wide.

Consider TerraLab for …

  • Ecological Assessments including flora and fauna assessments and policy advice.
  • Cartography and Map Making for reports and standalone content.
  • High-accuracy mapping for planning and reporting.
  • Remote Sensing(drones, planes, satellites) - collection, analysis and interpretation.
  • Location data systems and app development so you can do your own mapping, team management and analysis.

Visit us at www.terralabgis.com to reach out. 

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