Landcare Webinar Series

Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia is working with groups, organisations and individuals to create an engaging series of webinars for people interested in sustainable land management and conversation activities.

The Landcare Webinar Series is helping to bring people together to showcase the rich diversity of knowledge, passion and expertise within the landcare community.

Hosted by a facilitator, speakers in the webinars are presenting content ideas to inspire people and provide tools that people can apply with their groups in their local community to manage the environmental issue in their patch, and support community resilience.

If you have a webinar idea, you are welcome to contact us at digital@landcareaustralia.com.au

Landcare groups and other environmental community groups are welcome to cut and paste the links from the Landcare Webinar series to help promote the content and make it available to groups and organisations in your landcare network.

The Landcare Webinar Series is streamed on the online community platform built specifically for the landcare community, Landcarer.

Make sure you go and get registered so that you can watch, ask questions, and interact with the different webinars we stream!

Here are just a few of the exciting talks that will be happing in the 2021 Landcare Webinar Series:

  • Landcare Smart Farm - Natural Capital Accounting Project (10 June)
  • Natural resource management – traditional methods to modern innovation (24 June)
  • The Power of Landcare Partnerships (29 July)
  • Australian Beef and Sheep Sustainability (2 September)

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