Invasive Plant and Animal Services


Invasive Plant and Animal Services is underpinned by science, common sense, and practicality.

With a National Operational footprint, Industry recognised and years of policy, procedures, and control experience, we
can deliver to your business these key elements.

  • Thermal and night vision pest animal control
  • Remote camera installation
  • Best practice poison baiting (PAPP, 1080, PINDONE)
  • Commercial shooting – Wild animal harvesting / Damage Mitigation permits
  • Weed identification and mapping
  • Pest animal trapping (Wild Dogs, Foxes, Cats, Pigs, Goats, Deer, Rabbits)
  • Helicopter surveying and Aerial Incendiary work
  • Small and large scale Biosecurity surveys
  • Terrestrial Invasive weed spraying

Find out more at: https://www.invasive.com.au

Contact: Clynton Spencer
Email: pestservices@y7mail.com
Phone: 0411 412 800

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