Online Course: Adaptive Management for Conservation

Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute

Conservation challenges are increasingly urgent and complex. Consequently, conservation practitioners need strong leadership skills and the capacity to rapidly exchange knowledge and apply innovative and creative solutions in highly collaborative environments. To assist, new approaches to management, education and capacity building are now seen as the foundation for responding to environmental change.

The Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute, in partnership with the Protected Areas Collaboration, offers an intensive online training program that aims to address these needs and equip conservation professionals with the knowledge, tools and skills required to adaptively manage protected and other conservation areas.

The program involves two complementary courses that can be taken independently or as a package, in any order:

  1. Collaborative and Community-based Conservation
  2. Applying the Conservation Standards

Each course is offered as a 10-day part-time online course, spread over 3 weeks, with a total time commitment of approximately 30 hours.

Learn more: https://www.bmwhi.org/adaptive-management

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