NRM in the Rangelands Conference 2021

Desert Channels - call for submissions by 31 March 2021

Desert Channels Queensland is excited to be hosting the NRM in the Rangelands Conference 2021. This is an opportunity for you to share your area of expertise or learnings. We are calling for papers from natural resource management groups, industry, community, academic and conservation groups who have an interest in the ongoing management of the rangelands and a desire to share knowledge with colleagues.

We will have some exciting keynote speakers and the opportunity to experience firsthand the great work currently being undertaken. During the conference we will be celebrating the achievements of people and organisations who are excelling in the management of the Rangelands.

The Rangelands cover about 80% of the Australian interior, spanning 3100 km east to west and 1400 km north to south. This vast region contains varied landscapes, including savannas, woodlands, shrub lands grasslands and wetlands. Water supply is often sporadic with many river systems draining into internal lakes, in particular Lake Eyre.

The region is home to remote communities, mining, agriculture and tourism enterprises. The varying rainfall is a key driver of a diverse environment and economic productivity.

Over the last seven years drought has affected much of the Rangelands and the focus has turned to improving future resilience of the environment, the communities and industry. The conference will showcase and share emerging ideas and innovations so we can collectively contribute to improving the condition of the Rangelands.

Rangelands Health

What defines healthy Rangelands and how do we achieve it?

What is it, why is it important and what are the indicators of success? How do we manage the land, the watercourses and special spots best into the future?

How do we manage for the future?

Carbon farming, crash grazing, regenerative agriculture and climate variability are just some of the considerations when looking to ensure a sustainable future.

How do we measure it?

What is monitoring, why are we doing it and how are we using the information and measurement tools to keep us on track?


How are community, industry and government working together to improve the Rangelands?

From individual landholders to Landcare groups, tourism operators to Indigenous organisations, or industry specialists to local governments, what is being done to better manage our natural resources?

How do we prepare landholders for the future?

What practice changes are required? How do we build the resilience of people, business and the landscape and what changes need to be made to our paradigms?


How can technology help us improve Rangelands Health?

Be it drones, shade structures to manage grazing pressure, pest animal control or remote weed detection, advances in technology can improve how we collect data and manage the Rangelands. What are some of the technologies and how are they best applied?

Key dates

Submissions accepted December 2020 to March 2021
Closing date for submission brief 31 March 2021
Notification of acceptance 30 April 2021
Finalised presentation submitted and reviewed 30 June 2021
Conference held 24 - 25 August 2021


For further information or to submit a brief, please Email: jeff.poole@dcq.org.au or Phone: Desert Channels Queensland on 07 4658 0600

  • Submission briefs are to be no more than 200 words long.
  • Conference presentations will be a maximum of 45 minutes each.

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