Nature Festival - South Australia

25 September - 4th October

Nature Festival will be held across South Australia from Friday, 25 September until Sunday, 4 October.

What: 10 days of experiences and activities all dedicated to helping build a life-long relationship with nature and to celebrate that relationship in positive, creative and meaningful ways.

Why: in a time of climate change, bushfires, and global pandemics, now more than ever we need to cultivate a deeper relationship with nature as a society. That relationship is fundamental to our personal wellbeing, core to who we are as a state, and the foundation of all of the other work that we undertake to protect and steward nature.

Where: events can be anywhere in South Australia, including on-line.

Type of Events: anything that has a focus on nature:

  • Nature poetry slam
  • Seed dating
  • Music in nature
  • Guided walks in special nature places
  • Beach rambles
  • Wildflower walks
  • Nature strip butterfly garden rambles
  • Hans Heysen's love of trees
  • Bike ride through the Park lands looking at special trees
  • Bee walks
  • Bat rambles in Botanic Park
  • Bird watching in Bridgewater
  • Bird box making
  • River red gum rambles
  • and so forth.

For the complete listing of Nature Festival events, and more information please visit: www.naturefestival.org.au

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