Survey: Capturing the views of NRM professionals after COVID-19

Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust

An Invitation from the Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust to all Australians who are concerned about our water, oceans, plants and animals…

It is timely to now capture the diversity of insights, reflections and ideas for the future as many of the COVID-19 restrictions ease around Australia.

What has this time meant for us, the way we work, the way we lead, and the opportunity to learn, re-iterate, and create new futures for Australia’s water, oceans, plants and animals?

This is an invitation to complete a reflective survey, to capture the insight, hindsight and foresight experienced by professionals in Australia's NRM sector.

The results will be collated (names not attributed) and shared widely. We encourage you to send the invitation to your networks, so that as many insights and ideas can be captured as possible.

If there is any point in time to change what we do and the way we do it for the better, it is now. So let it be informed by our shared experiences during this very extraordinary and defining moment.


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