Protecting Australian cultures, ecosystems and livelihoods for 1000 years?

Year 1 of 1000, and we are on track! See our Progress Report here

Forever Wild is a new Australian-based charity that has set out to directly tackle the large-scale destruction of our cultures, livelihoods and biodiversity across the Earth's last remaining wilderness areas. 

Download our Progress Report: Year 1 of 1000

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The spatial, temporal and social objectives of FW are huge, but they are appropriate to the scale of the problem we collectively face as a society. And our goals and programs are directly meaningful to so many people. Our landscapes and programs capture a vast array of values and view the world as a whole, with people as part of our planetary ecological systems. 

Join us to create one of the largest environmental and social legacies on Earth. Can we do it? Yes, because all it takes is the will and resources, both of which exist.

And if we don't collectively try - then we have already failed.

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