PAWS: Pest Animal and Weed Symposium 2019 - 20-23 May

Weed Society of Queensland (WSQ), Gold Coast, Queensland

The Pest Animal and Weed Symposium 2019 (PAWS 2019) hosted by the Weed Society of Queensland will be held on 20-23 May 2019 at the Sea World Resort Conference Centre.

Since 1990 the Weed Society Queensland (WSQ) has successfully hosted standalone weed and pest animal symposia, in 2019 WSQ has decided to combine these two successful events. The inaugural Pest Animal and Weed Symposium 2019 (PAWS 2019) will be an opportunity not to be missed.

PAWS 2019 will feature a range of presentations with a strong emphasis on implementing the latest research and technology while also providing examples of successful on ground works.

Field trips will be organised to provide delegates and sponsors with the opportunity to observe a variety of solutions to pest animal and weed issues impacting the environment, economy, community and lifestyle of South East Queensland and Northern NSW.

PAWS 2019 will also provide sponsors and exhibitors with a unique opportunity to get on board and promote their businesses and brands to new and veteran pest plant and animal researchers, practitioner and managers.

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