Forum: Citizen Science - Challenges & Benefits for Biodiversity Conservation

11 August, Brisbane

Keynote speaker

  • Emeritus Professor Ian Lowe (OAM), Centre for Environment and Population, Health, Technology and Society, Griffith University.

The forum will explore a wide range of issues relating to the challenges and benefits of Citizen Science (CS) in biodiversity conservation. Presentations will be 15-20 minutes duration, with a panel Q&A session at the end of each thematic segment.

Forum themes:

  • Economic benefits: What are the costs of CS? Where is funding sourced? Are there financial benefits to carrying out CS?
  • Challenges and pitfalls: What about CS failures - where have they occurred? Were causes identified? How can we learn from CS failures?
  • Community engagement: What are the challenges in obtaining and maintaining community involvement? What are the challenges in communicating and promoting CS projects?
  • Data management and sharing: What are the challenges in achieving high quality
  • data? Are there resources for managing the data received? How are results shared?
  • Outcomes: The environmental outcomes of completed CS research - successes and/or failures? Did the community achieve educational outcomes? Was there any biodiversity conservation achievements? What is the future of CS in Australia?

Call for presentations:

  • Please contact The Hut Environment and Community Association Inc. (THECA) if you are interested in making a presentation. Abstracts (up to 500 words) are due 6th April 2018, and should be emailed to
  • Please forward any queries to Greg Siepen,

Registrations open on 1st May, 2018.

Supported by Brisbane City Council, Healthy Land & Water and CSIRO.

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