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Gippsland Forest Dialogue


Gippsland, Victoria

Internationally informed, locally led: the not-for-profit Gippsland Forest Dialogue is preparing for the first Forest Dialogue to be held in Australia.

Looking for a participatory process to fuel your interest in advancing the natural environment? This is the role for you! Our team would like to welcome a passionate and skilled admin legend to assist with organisation and event preparation.

About Gippsland Forest Dialogue

Gippsland Forest Dialogue is a recently formed Incorporated Association that aims to address the challenges facing Gippsland's forests through engaging key rights holders, stakeholders and interested community members to participate in a dialogue process.

The Forest Dialogue is an evolved and proven process that has helped resolve forest problems many times overseas. The Forest Dialogue approach allows diverse voices to come together to scope a range of issues, share information and perspectives and ultimately to address complex problems in a way that is safe and constructive for all participants.

The Gippsland Forest Dialogue has established an Advisory Group that consists of a diverse group of dedicated members who wish to see a better future for Gippsland's forests. In order to carry forward this vision, a series of working groups have been established that are each committed to carrying forward various roles within the organisation.

Already GFD has proven to be an effective connective process and has grown substantially since its inception in late-2021. In order to continue moving forward with good momentum, GFD requires additional administrative support to help smooth internal operations and to enhance the ability of the various working groups to collaborate and work effectively together.

Role Overview

Gippsland Forest Dialogue is looking for a self-motivated and proactive Operations and Admin support. This role will focus on ensuring the smooth running of GFD's internal operations whilst maintaining a welcoming and supportive environment to all participants. This role will receive guidance from and be supported by a dedicated team of Gippsland Forest Dialogue members.


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