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We are seeking a new Board Member with skills and experience in medium sized enterprises to help guide the growth and ongoing development of the Group.

You will need to have a skill set and demonstrated track record in working on professional services enterprises of our size as well as presenting a strong values-based approach to business. Where historically we have sought Board members with a deep understanding and connections into our work sectors, this appointment is more focused on business acumen and a degree of entrepreneurial thinking.

We are ready to be challenged in the way we think about the future. We are seeking someone with skills which directly relate to the issues and growth of a medium sized business and importantly you will need to resonate with our vision, values and purpose.

Your skill set will assist us to grow sustainably and provide more focus on issues that impact a medium sized professional services business, which may extend to; corporate structures, new markets, developing leadership, internal quality systems, IT, branding, people and culture management.

This appointment will increase the size of the Alluvium Holdings Board to seven, four Non Executive Directors and currently three Directors elected from the shareholders.

The successful candidate will:

  • Have experience in growing medium sized businesses.
  • Have a commitment to, and understanding of, developing a business that is influential in its chosen field.
  • Provide insights into how professional services firms can improve their performance.
  • Support, exhibit and drive the culture and values of Alluvium • Increase the diversity of our current board.

Specific role requirements:

Attend 4 Board meetings annually. Board meetings are normally rotated around our offices and conducted over 4 to 6 hours. The Board members often meet the night before meetings for an informal dinner and discussion.

  • Attend 1 strategic planning meeting annually. The Boards from across the Group and executive team come together to discuss our strategic plan annually. This is normally an additional day attached to one of the Board meetings.
  • 2-5 formalised phone discussions (~ 1-2 hrs) to discuss specific issues (such as end of year accounts or group wide issues that arise).

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