Narla Environmental Pty Ltd



Salary etc:

$70,000 - $90,000 p.a. + super.

Narla Environmental Pty Ltd is a well-respected ecological consultancy that aims to provide leading ecological and environmental consultancy services that meet our client's needs and contribute positively to the conservation, management and restoration of our common natural estate.


This position is responsible for field and office-based work which will be conducted independently or as support to other staff. The Ecologist will be required to undertake fauna and flora identification, vegetation mapping and data entry. Works may take place independently if the task is believed to be within the capability of the Ecologist, or under the supervision of a Project Manager or Senior Consultant. The role may also include other related tasks such as data and document compilation, administration and record keeping. The Project Manager or Senior Consultant will manage the Ecologist and direct them as they see fit to ensure productivity, efficiency and business growth.

You may sometimes be required to work away from home which will require overnight stay for one or more nights. We will require you to notify us as soon as possible in advanced. We will not force you to undertake field work which involve overnight stay, however, repeat refusal to undertake field work will lessen your suitability for progression in this role.


Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Working on field tasks under supervision and/or independently. This will only include tasks that are within the capability of the Ecologist, as perceived by the Senior Consultant. Works may include, but not be limited to:
    • Field / site survey and data collection.
    • Plant identification.
    • Data entry and collation.
    • Data and document compilation.
  • Assisting other Consultants/ Senior Consultant with technical aspects of consultancy project.
  • Assist in the use and maintenance of all equipment.
  • Assist with preparation for fieldwork.
  • Liaising with site personnel.
  • Miscellaneous administration tasks.

Responsible to:

  • Senior Consultant/ Project Manager.
  • General Manager.
  • Managing Director.

Selection Criteria


Essential Criteria.

  • A relevant Bachelor-level university degree in the field of Ecology, Environmental Science, Botany, or another relevant discipline.
  • Practical experience of 1 year undertaking ecological field-based surveys, data analysis and reporting (within a NSW-based consulting capacity).
  • Sound knowledge of Sydney's native and exotic plant species and vegetation communities.
  • Sound plant identification skills.
  • Previous experience undertaking ecological / flora-fauna survey.
  • Knowledge of relevant NSW and Commonwealth environmental legislation and planning policies.
  • Ability to undertake field work and work outside of Sydney at short notice.
  • Ability to stay in motels/away from home for up to 5 nights at a time (accommodation, travel and sustenance costs will be covered by Narla).
  • Fauna handling skills or ability/desire to handle fauna.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • High level of integrity and professionalism.
  • Good knowledge and understanding of MS Office applications, in particular MS Word and MS Excel.
  • Understanding of OH&S procedures and ability to implement them in the workplace.
  • Effective use of the internet as a resource and research tool.
  • Current unrestricted manual drivers licence.

Benefits for you

  • Working on a diverse range of projects in a variety of locations throughout Australia.
  • Mentoring from senior ecologists so you can expand your knowledge and skills set.
  • Upskill by completing different certificates and competencies.
  • Flexible working options.
  • Time in lieu system.
  • Attractive salary.
  • Great office culture and camaraderie with like-minded ecologists.

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