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Work can be done virtually

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Volunteer, Part-time.

The Climate Scorecard Project is recruiting for a Country Manager position for Australia. We encourage applications from graduate students, environmental researchers and young professionals, to serve as our Country Managers. Experience living in and working on climate change issues in Australia is important, as is the ability to write well in English.

Climate Scorecard provides news and action alert messages on the extent to which the 25 top greenhouse gas-emitting countries are adhering to and/or strengthening the emission reduction policies.

Country Managers write short monthly news reports and action alert advocacy messages on policies, programs, events, and activities affecting climate change mitigation in their countries.

This is a part-time supervised position. Work can be done virtually. It is estimated that writing the monthly report takes 2-4 hours each month. Country Managers also are invited to participate in Climate Scorecard online team meetings that take place every 3 weeks. Please note that at this we cannot provide a stipend for this position, though we hope to do so in the future.


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