Team Leader Bushfire Management and Risk Mitigation


City of Gold Coast


Gold Coast, Queensland

Salary etc:

$93,868 - $99,363 p.a.



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About the Parks & Recreational Services Branch

Located within the Lifestyle & Community Directorate, the Parks & Recreational Services Branch is responsible for planning, constructing, maintaining and conserving the Gold Coast's parks, open spaces and natural areas to enhance recreational and sporting access, active and healthy lifestyles, appreciation of our natural areas and biodiversity conservation. Within the Branch, the Natural Areas Management Unit (NAMU) is responsible for the day to day management and conservation of a 13,000 hectare estate with significant and diverse biological values. The unit protects and enhances conservation reserves that extend from the McPherson Range to Southern Moreton Bay.

About the Position

The position will lead the Bushfire and Risk Mitigation Team within NAMU's Bushfire Management and Risk Mitigation Unit. NAMU provides professional advice and services to ensure the City's bushfire management programs, other natural hazard mitigations and conservation activities are best practice, with prioritised resources allocated across a large and diverse natural areas estate. The position will support the Coordinator to deliver the City's hazard reduction burn and community education programs, continue the development and application of bushfire consequence models to assess residual risk, and implement mitigations for other natural hazards such as rockfall in-stream erosion.

Key deliverables of the position:

  • Support the Coordinator to lead the City's natural area Bushfire Management & Risk Mitigation Unit.
  • Guidance, support and development of team members.
  • Subject matter expert for bushfire management and the mitigation of other natural hazards in the City's conservation estate (inter alia, sea-level rise, rockfall, riverine erosion and bank stability).
  • Contract development & management in relation to hazard reduction burn program and associated activities.
  • Work with specialist Project Managers in the City's Project Management Unit to deliver capital risk mitigation projects/ built assets within natural areas, for example, rock fall projects.
  • Support NAMU to prioritise the management and mitigation of natural hazards across the City's conservation estate.
  • Help deliver the Branch's bushfire management programs, including but not limited to the annual hazard reduction burn program and community education initiatives.
  • Help oversee & manage bushfire planning tasks that include risk & consequence modelling/mapping and burn prioritisation across the City's natural area estate.
  • Oversee the estimating and monitoring of the residual risk that remains post the various bushfire risk treatments, ie., post the application of the hazard reduction burn program, vegetation buffers, fire trails and community education etc, to help ensure the residual risk remains tolerable.
  • Support your team to maintain and update the City's reserve-based tactical bushfire management plans.
  • Help guide NAMU's management and maintenance of vegetation buffers and the City's fire trail network.
  • Guide your team's delivery of bushfire education and neighbour liaison activities.
  • Support the Coordinator to ensure the safe delivery of hazard reduction burns.
  • Manage community information and updates whilst hazard reduction burns are being completed.
  • Support the Coordinator to manage and monitor the program's significant budgets.
  • Point of contact for Councillor and Mayoral requests.
  • Representation at industry working groups/meetings. For example, Queensland Fire & Biodiversity Consortium, QFES Area Fire Management Group.
  • Inter directorate/branch liaison. For example, liaise with EP&E's Natural Hazards Team and the City's Disaster Management Unit.

About You

The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated ability to support the team charged with delivering the City's bushfire management and natural hazard risk mitigation programs. You will have expertise in operationalising bushfire management plans, fire ecology and conservation land management and experience in natural hazard risk management. You will be highly regarded for your team building and supportive leadership. In addition, you will possess significant project and contract management skills. We require a team player with strong analytical and problem-solving skills and exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.

Candidates will be experienced bushfire practitioners and conservation land managers passionate about the environment and our community. You will be focused on and committed to the safety of your team-mates, stakeholders and park visitors.

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