Farm Hand: Animal Husbandry


Collingwood Children's Farm


Abbotsford, Melbourne

The Farm Hand - Animal Husbandry Role is charged with daily care of the animals at CCF and ensures the needs of the animals on the farm are met.

  • Work with an extensive range of animals and rare breeds - truly a diverse animal husbandry program like no other.
  • Be part of a team at the forefront of urban and regenerative agriculture practices
  • Farm in the city!!!9am - 5pm hours!!!  Permanent or Part-Time roles available   
  • Further develop your skills in animal husbandry and regenerative farming practices
  • Work outdoors in the most incredible "office" whilst being part of a bigger system that benefits the wider community
  • Contribute to an education program helping to teach, facilitate and inspire the current and next generations of farmers

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