Call for Research Proposals - 2022-23


Torres Strait Scientific Advisory Committee



The Torres Strait Scientific Advisory Committee (TSSAC) is making its annual public call for applications to address research priorities identified for potential funding in 2022-23.

The TSSAC is a Protected Zone Joint Authority advisory body. The TSSAC provides guidance on fisheries related research priorities and assesses proposals for Torres Strait Fisheries research each year. Research priorities have been identified by individual fishery Resource Assessment Groups (RAGs) and Working Groups (WG).

Changes have been made to our research application process. Pre-proposals no longer exist, and only a full proposal is required. Following consideration (and conditional approval) of full proposals by the TSSAC, researchers may be required to undertake a consultation and engagement process with key Torres Strait community stakeholders, to seek further engagement about the proposed research. In order to facilitate this, you are required to complete a stakeholder engagement strategy and community consultation package as part of your proposal. Assistance will be provided by the TSSAC secretariat. Following completion of the engagement and communication strategy, the TSSAC will assess the outcomes of this engagement and if required request any relevant changes to be made to the proposal, before funding is approved. Refer to the procedural framework for undertaking research in the Torres Strait for details about the new process and stakeholder engagement and communication protocols.

To ensure that the proposal is developed in alignment with the TSSAC scopes, applicants are encouraged to discuss their applications with the relevant AFMA contact listed on the scope you are addressing prior to drafting/ submitting a proposal.

If you want to submit a pre-proposal that addresses the research priorities identified within the Annual Research Statement, but not a priority scope in this call, you are welcome to do so. However given your project may not be considered a high priority, it is less likely to be selected for funding. We encourage you to contact the TSSAC secretariat before developing any proposal that does not address a priority scope. Further, although scopes are being invite for these four projects, funding cannot be guaranteed until the proposals are assessed by the TSSAC, including their budgets.

Key information for applicants when completing and submitting proposals

When completing and submitting proposals, applicants must:

  • use the project scopes outlined below as a guide when developing their pre-proposals to ensure the identified need for the project is met.
  • read the cover letter for researchers before completing an application
  • use the new TSSAC application form and refer to the procedural framework for undertaking research in the Torres Strait to prepare their proposals
  • include in their proposals:
    • the projected costs, including breakdowns in the specified categories (salaries, travel, operating and capital) and expected funding source, as well as alternatives; and
    • the proposed contractor’s full legal identity/description, including each corporation’s full description and Australian Company Number or the full names of all partners/joint ventures. A trading name and/or Australian Business Number should also be notified, but only if registered to the parties described.
  • email their completed pre-proposal to torresstraitresearch@afma.gov.au by Friday, 4 February 2022.

A list of research project scopes (in no particular order) is below. Please visit the PZJA website for a link to each individual scope.

  • Finfish: Torres Strait Finfish Fishery Coral Trout Catch Per Unit Effort Standardisation
  • Finfish: Torres Strait Finfish Fishery: Management Strategy Evaluation of Spanish mackerel for the Torres Strait Finfish Fishery
  • Tropical Rock Lobster: Fishery independent survey, stock assessment, and Recommended Biological Catch calculations for the Torres Strait Tropical Rock Lobster Fishery
  • Beche-de-mer: Project for the Beche de mer fisheries including black teatfish sampling, white teatfish stock assessment and modelling and curryfish conversion ratios.
  • All fisheries: Measuring non-commercial catches (indigenous subsistence fishing and recreational fishing) in the Torres Strait in order to promote sustainable livelihoods and improve fisheries management.

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