PhD scholarship: Arid Zone Restoration Ecology


Federation University & Greening Australia


Ballarat, Victoria

Federation University is pleased to partner with Greening Australia to offer a PhD scholarship in Arid zone restoration ecology.  We are looking for an outstanding student with excellent capabilities and communication skills to undertake this exciting PhD.

Scholarship details

  • A Full Student Stipend of $30k pa available for 3 years plus project expenses.
  • Funding length: Full Time for 3 years only, no extensions possible.
  • Location: Federation University, Mt Helen Campus, Ballarat, Victoria Australia

Research project outline

Project title: ‘Arid zone restoration: generating evidence-based innovative prescription for future’

Improving the cost-effectiveness and long-term success of arid zone vegetation restoration is a critical environmental issue, and this project will generate a suite of appropriate restoration techniques based on previous restoration efforts, by developing approaches designed to address problems which have emerged.

Outcomes include an on-line decision system to optimize ecological benefits for future financial and human investment in restoration practice, thus providing significant theoretical and economic assistance to organisations attempting to restore arid landscapes using an understanding of factors that affect plant establishment in these environments.

Some of the objectives of this project are:

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of past restoration activities in arid woodlands and shrublands by comparing the originally proposed objectives with the observed long-term outcomes of these restoration measures.
  • To determine key factors preventing on-going natural recruitment of native perennial species within arid woodlands and shrublands.
  • To determine the extent to which these limiting recruitment factors can be manipulated to allow natural recruitment of perennial species to occur.
  • To investigate optimum germination conditions for key perennial species through controlled environment glasshouse trials.

The field work will take place around Nanya Station and surrounding arid zone properties. Nanya Station is a 40,000 hectare property owned by Federation University for ecological research, teach and conservation.


This project will be based at the Federation University’s Mt Helen Campus, under the supervision of Prof. Singarayer Florentine; Dr. Christopher Turville; and Mr David Warne.

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