Wildlife Ecologist/ Senior Wildlife Ecologist (Pilliga)


Australian Wildlife Conservancy


Narrabri, NSW

Australian Wildlife Conservancy is looking to recruit a PhD-qualified ecologist with post-graduate experience in vertebrate ecology and a strong interest in applied conservation ecology to join our science team. 

Reporting to AWC's Regional Ecologist NSW, the position will lead implementation of a major reintroduction and conservation management project in central-west NSW. The position will manage a small team of skilled ecologists, and will also work closely with AWC’s operational staff in scoping the works program.

The project involves an innovative partnership between AWC and the NSW Government. AWC has been contracted by NSW to deliver a rewilding program, conservation management and an associated science program (monitoring, research) at two NSW protected areas. This role is focused on the project in the Pilliga forest in central-west NSW; the companion project is at Mallee Cliffs National Park in south-west NSW.

The Pilliga project extends over 36,000 ha, within which AWC has constructed a conservation fence to establish a 5,800 ha feral predator-free area. A total of six threatened mammal species will be reintroduced to the fenced area. To date, two species have been successfully reintroduced to the Pilliga – the Greater Bilby and Bridled Nailtail Wallaby. A further four species will be reintroduced in the coming years. AWC is further required to develop an ‘outside the fence’ release strategy for reintroduced species, which will be one of the responsibilities of this position.

The position will play a lead role in all aspects of delivery of the Pilliga project, including the planning, implementation and monitoring of reintroductions; the conduct and reporting of ecological monitoring; and the development and implementation of a research program.

This job would suit a vertebrate ecologist motivated to take a leading role in a major rewilding project situated within an innovative public-private partnership. The successful conduct of the role is expected to result in tangible improvements to the conservation status of six threatened mammal species, as well as other native species such as ground-active birds that are adversely impacted by feral predators. 

This is an applied conservation ecology role. Key attributes we are looking for in applicants are: 

  1. Relevant professional qualifications and experience.
  • Appointment to Wildlife Ecologist will require, as a minimum, a PhD and experience in vertebrate ecology.
  • Appointment to Senior Wildlife Ecologist will require, in addition, 5-10 years postgraduate experience.
  1. A strong drive to personally make a positive difference to the conservation of Australian wildlife

  2. The desire to work as part of a high-performing team of conservation ecologists, contributing what you can and learning from the skills and ideas of your colleagues; and

  3. A willingness to learn from the experience and world-view of others, particularly the diverse range of stakeholders involved in the program, including AWC’s Operations Managers, our NPWS partners, Traditional Owners and the broader community.

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