Strategic Fire Coordinator


Indigenous Desert Alliance (10 Deserts Project)




The Indigenous Desert Alliance (IDA) is a member-organisation which empowers Indigenous rangers managing Australia's Desert Country to realise their social/cultural, environmental and economic aspirations. 

We do this through supporting capacity-building events, activities and projects for rangers and ranger teams; enhancing regional collaboration; and enabling one strong voice for the desert. The IDA has recently taken on the management of the 10 Deserts Project, an exciting Indigenous land-management collaboration across Australia’s desert country.

The Strategic Fire Coordinator will be responsible for developing and delivering fire management strategies and operations to the highest and safest standards with a deliberate focus on outcomes. The position will work closely with the Major Projects Manager to: 

  1. Develop, Deliver and Manage a refined Regional Fire Management Project Strategy for the 10 Deserts Project and other major fire projects
    • Manage and coordinate the distribution and effective allocation of funds, over the lifetime of fire-related projects;
    • Manage planning and regional consultations with project partners, traditional owners and other relevant stakeholders to produce and refine a regional fire management strategy for the project area;
    • Establish mechanisms to improve regional based traditional owners’ decision making with regards to fire management;
    • Define the various ecosystems;
    • Identify areas of high cultural (where appropriate), natural and conservation value;
    • Identify threatened species that are under threat from altered fire regimes;
    • Describe current fire management activity and capacity;
    • Collate, analyse and interpret remote sensing and GIS data to identify strategic fire management requirements, options and initiatives;
    • Develop a framework and strategies to achieve those goals and to address capacity gaps of partners and Indigenous land management organisations to undertake fire management work;
    • Articulate an annual review process so that changing priorities can be identified and responded to; and
    • Outline a monitoring framework to assess the impact of the project’s activities.
  1. Coordinate Capacity Building for Indigenous People and Organisations at a Local and Regional Level
    • Promote sharing of standard operating procedures, regulatory compliance procedures or other resources between groups;
    • Effectively liaise with stakeholder agencies and organisations at local, regional and national levels as required and develop processes that improve traditional owner input into fire management decision-making processes and policy development
  1. Lead project fire management activities and regional fire management strategies through contractors or employees
    • Management of contractors or employees as required;
    • When required coordinate the effective, efficient, safe and legal implementation of fire-management by contractors or employees across the project area;
    • Integrate Aboriginal fire management practices and contemporary fire management techniques as required. 
  1. Develop Resources and Deliver Presentations
    • Develop appropriate training resources such as aerial burning courses;
    • Support mechanisms to develop fire management skills, experience and capacity among traditional owners and indigenous ranger groups;
    • Deliver presentations and represent the project at meetings and regional forums as required; and
    • Input into the development of materials that raise awareness of Aboriginal fire management, climate change and carbon abatement / sequestration in a cross- cultural context to increase traditional owner participation in fire management policy and initiatives.
  1. Participate as a member of the IDA team 

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