Executive Officer


Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (MLDRIN)


Abbotsford, Melbourne, Victoria

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people are strongly encouraged to apply

Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (MLDRIN), is a 100% Aboriginal owned organisation, which provides a united voice for the Sovereign First Nations along the Southern part of the Murray Darling Basin. It includes delegates from over 20 First Nations, who have a unique connection to the rivers and waterways of the Murray Darling Basin. MLDRIN is focussed on caring for the rivers and the recognition of Aboriginal water rights.

MLDRIN is looking for an Executive Officer who will be a strong and strategic advocate for the achievement of water rights for its First Nation members in the Murray Darling Basin.

This is an exciting opportunity that will provide challenge, variety and a meaningful role for a person who wants to make a difference to the world they live in.   

The purpose of the role is, in conjunction with the Board of MLDRIN, to provide leadership for the organisation and its eight staff.  A key task will be to develop an implementation plan for the existing Strategic Plan developed by the Board in 2020, and then to implement that plan.

The MLDRIN office is based in Abbotsford in Melbourne, and whilst it is preferred that the successful applicant work from this location, alternatives arrangements will be considered.

This role is currently funded for four years and ensuring ongoing funding for the role beyond the four years will be one of the responsibilities of this position.

Required skills:

  1. Demonstrated cultural awareness and commitment to achieving outcomes for First Nations people. 
  2. Financial literacy (the ability to develop and track a budget, and manage project acquittals)
  3. Demonstrated understanding and experience with effective organisational governance, including developing, implementing and reviewing policies and procedures.
  4. Demonstrated ability to think strategically and plan for sustainable organisational growth.
  5. High level communication and advocacy skills and an understanding of the role of communication in achieving outcomes.
  6. The ability to identify, build and maintain relationships with key players and/or organisations that will benefit MLDRIN.
  7. The ability and knowledge of how to plan and implement a campaign when necessary, to achieve outcomes in the face of opposition.
  8.  The ability to develop agreements, such as MoUs, funding agreements and partnership agreements between MLDRIN and other parties that will support MLDRIN in achieving its objectives.
  9. The ability to understand and critique policies and understand how to input MLDRIN’s interests into the policy debates and outcomes.

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