Regional Landcare Coordinator (New England)


Landcare NSW


Armidale, Glen Innes, Inverell or Tenterfield, NSW

Salary etc:

$40 - $45.50/hr depending on experience, plus super for 21 hour/week (0.6 FTE)

Organisation profile

Landcare NSW is the peak representative body for the community Landcare movement in NSW.

The Landcare movement is a community-based approach to managing and protecting our natural resources – creating more productive and sustainable farms, conserving our environment, and building more cohesive and resilient communities.

With over 60,000 active Landcarers in NSW, Landcare NSW acts as the conduit between local Landcare communities and key decision makers, working to ensure that our Landcarers are supported at every level by providing leadership, skills, resources and representation.

About the role

The Regional Landcare Coordinator (New England) will play a key role in coordinating, expanding and multiplying on the benefits delivered at the local, district and network scale by Local Landcare Coordinators.

The Regional role will work within the needs of the New England region, and be closely tied to the outcomes of the NSW Landcare Support Program. The roles of the Regional Coordinators will be less to do with the empowerment of specific groups and more to do with connecting and supporting Landcare networks and groups in the region.

The Regional Landcare Coordinator will support regional approaches to priority planning, regional collaboration, regional organisation and the capacity for Landcare in their region to participate more effectively in larger scale opportunities.

The position will be guided by a Steering Committee.

The Regional Landcare Coordinator will play an important role in facilitating Community-of-Practice with Local Landcare Coordinators in the region and will link to other key stakeholders including Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitators, Landcare NSW, Local Land Services and other partners.

The Regional Landcare Coordinator outcomes will be measured against key performance indicators including the delivery of strategic regional initiatives, collaboration and regional scale participation.

Key responsibilities

  1. Work under the guidance of a Regional Landcare Coordinator Steering Committee and the NSW Landcare Program
  2. Develop and implement a regional priority plan in collaboration with Local Landcare Coordinators and other key stakeholders.
  3. Facilitate linkages between Landcare activities/projects and Local Land Services and Landcare NSW strategic objectives
  4. Identify and facilitate potential regional joint initiatives, funding opportunities, collaborative programs
  5. Support Landcare to undertake planning, develop partnerships and secure resourcing through project grants and other sources
  6. Support improvements in stability and long -term viability of Landcare in their region
  7. Increase capacity of Local Landcare Coordinators to deliver on the program outcomes, including organising training
  8. Work with partners to support, facilitate, and build new or existing regional Community-of-Practice networks through improved regional communication
  9. Increase participation in the regional Community of-Practice from Landcare, Local Land Services and other organisations
  10. Participate in and deliver regional and state Community-of-Practice
  11. Empower volunteer engagement and community participation in natural resource management activities that address critical agricultural sustainability and environmental issues
  12. Work with Landcare NSW to link regional and district networks/groups to alternative funding/fee-for-service opportunities
  13. Monitor, evaluate and report on program outcomes at a regional scale

Additional infomation

Landcare NSW is an equal opportunity employer, with employment under the organisation’s standard employment agreement or as negotiated. Attendance at meetings outside of normal work hours and travel around the region will be required.

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