Female Anthropologist


Anindilyakwa Land Council


Groote Eylandt, NT

About the ALC

The Anindilyakwa Land Council (ALC) is a ‘future-forward’ Land Council, directed by the 14 clans of the Groote archipelago region, is enabling the Anindilyakwa people to take full advantage of the opportunities and technology available in the 21st century, while simultaneously preserving land, language and culture. The vision of the ALC is to:

  • Protect, maintain and promote Anindilyakwa culture;
  • Invest in the present to build a self-sufficient future;
  • And, create pathways for youth to stand in both worlds.

ALC is an independent statutory authority of the Commonwealth, subject to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, described therein as a Corporate Commonwealth Entity and is currently a portfolio agency of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

About the role

The ALC is seeking a full-time female Anthropologist to join our Preserving Culture team. This position will work collaboratively with the Male Anthropologist and is a response to community aspirations for a dedicated anthropologist to research and record cultural stories and knowledge, particularly those held by women. This position will work closely with Anindilyakwa women to give voice to their cultural priorities, such as recording family histories and women’s business, where historically there has been a gap in this field. Additionally the Female Anthropologist is responsible for the maintenance of a genealogy database by regular consultation with the Groote Eylandt community.

As many of the senior knowledge holders across Groote are women it is an imperative that a Female Anthropologist will continue this important cultural preservation work alongside Anindilyakwa women.  It will also ensure that women have an advocate within the ALC and across the Archipelago more broadly.

The female Anthropologist is a crucial intermediary between the Traditional Owners (TOs) and GEMCO, assisting the facilitation of sacred site assessments within South32’s mining leases and ensuring free, prior and informed consent of TOs in the context of mining meetings and other developments.

Accommodation and relocation assistance will be provided with this position.

Selection Criteria


  1. Degree in Anthropology with at least 2 years post graduate experience.
  2. Solid field experience with Aboriginal people, an understanding of Aboriginal culture and history, and an awareness of current social issues and their impact on Aboriginal people in remote communities in the NT.
  3. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both written and oral, including the capacity to communicate effectively with Aboriginal people and other stakeholders.
  4. Ability to manage complex projects under pressure and within budget and agreed time frames.
  5. Ability to work in a team and in a collaborative environment.
  6. Ability to build and maintain effective working relationships and act with diplomacy and discretion when dealing with sensitive and confidential issues.
  7. Willingness to live and work in a remote location and in a cross-cultural and complex social environment.
  8. Knowledge of the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976, Native Title Act (1993), and Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act (1989).
  9. Competence in computer packages for the preparation of data and reports.
  10. Possess a valid Australian Drivers’ license.


  1. Demonstrated competence in the operation of a 4WD vehicle in off road conditions.

Other Information

Pre-employment screening, including an AFP criminal record check, may be undertaken on the person who is being recommended for appointment.

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