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Molonglo Conservation Group


Canberra, ACT

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Our Australian environment has never faced greater threats. From water use to fire control, erosion to habitat loss, overgrazing to farm productivity, across national parks and public spaces to private land, the environmental challenges we are now facing cross all borders. The scale of the issues is beyond any one expert or authority to solve.

A holistic management approach is now necessary to achieve lasting results.

Molonglo Conservation Group is the not-for-profit team who bring a big picture expertise to the environment in our ACT and south-eastern NSW region. We co-ordinate and advise the full range of specialists needed to get the best results possible.

We are currently seeking a Treasurer to join our Board to oversee the Group’s budget, financial planning and cash management while limiting risks to the organisation. The successful applicant should have previous experience in the financial management of not-for-profit organisations and will play an integral part in maintaining positive relationships with banks and financial institutions, sponsors and donors, our Member Groups and other stakeholders.

The Treasurer will work closely with executive management to ensure appropriate financial systems have been put in place and are constantly followed. The Treasurer will also ensure that processes are in place to:

  1. issue notices for the collection of annual membership fees;
  2. collect and receive all moneys due to the Group and make all payments authorised by the Group; and
  3. keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the Group with full details of all receipts and expenditure connected with the activities of the Group.

Molonglo Conservation Group has refined the scope of its landscape-scale programs by developing an inter-connected landscape management (ILM) framework and by introducing consultancy services through the subsidiary company Molonglo Consulting to assist with delivery. The Treasurer will play an important role in the relationship between the Group and its subsidiary.

The current Treasurer is expected to remain a Director and will assist the new Treasurer to transition into the role.

Requisite skills

  • Financial accounting: ability to prepare financial accounts and liaise with our auditor
  • Communication: ability to present and explain the financial accounts to the Board
  • Governance: an understanding of the governance arrangements for not-for-profit organisations

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