Community Landcare Aboriginal Engagement Officer


Landcare NSW


Regional NSW or Sydney (negotiable) - must reside in NSW

Salary etc:

$110,000 to $125,000 inclusive of Superannuation & allowances (negotiable based on experience)

  • Employment Type: Fixed Term- Full Time until June 30th, 2023
  • Responsible to: Landcare NSW CEO, Executive and NSW Landcare Program Manager


The NSW Landcare Program 2019 – 2023 is a NSW Government funded program of support for Landcare in NSW. Funded to a total of $22.4 million over four years, the ultimate purpose of the NSW Landcare Program is to “equitably deliver support and resources that empowers volunteer Landcare, leading to the achievement of landscape, community and industry goals”. It is co-managed and delivered by Local Land Services and Landcare NSW. It builds on the existing partnership between Local Land Services and Landcare NSW, on a number of previous Landcare Support Programs and regional Landcare investments. There are 6 components to this program of which the Aboriginal Engagement Program is one.

Primary purpose of the role

This is an exciting opportunity to take on a foundational role for Landcare NSW that will set the groundwork for fostering inclusion and representation of Aboriginal interests as they relate to and compliment Landcare activity. This role is responsible for developing relationships, processes and protocols which lead to increasing engagement between Landcare groups, networks and coordinators and Aboriginal people; increasing cultural awareness within Landcare NSW and identifying opportunities to engage Aboriginal peoples and organisations. The role will provide support and advice to Landcare NSW in developing mutually beneficial engagement and strengthened relations between Aboriginal Organisations and Landcare at local, regional and state levels across NSW whilst recognising the extensive relationships that already exist in local and regional contexts.

The Requirements (Essential Criteria) To be successful in this role you have a good understanding of local Aboriginal cultural and heritage issues and ability to deal with a range of sensitive cross-cultural issues. The role requires demonstrated experience in working with Aboriginal peoples, groups and organisations to foster engagement with other stakeholders in the NRM space. You will also have a current driver’s licence and a willingness to travel. The role will require extensive travelling around NSW and which will be supported by the program.

Key Competencies

  • Develop and implement community based information and assistance to projects that increase the ability of Aboriginal groups, rural landholders, land managers, community groups, partner organisations and industry groups to work together to manage and deal with environmental issues
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills – respectful of others, ability to promote Landcare in a range of forums and inspire confidence through the timely resolution of enquiries or work requests; be adaptable in difficult situations, demonstrate a high level of effective verbal and written skills in dealing with people at all levels including the skills to use information technology, Microsoft applications and data bases for communication, data collection and reporting and evaluation.
  • Knowledge – excellent knowledge of key issues related to Aboriginal people, knowledge of cultural practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the importance of connecting to country to heal
  • Teamwork – works collaboratively with project partners across the regions to accomplish organisational goals and reinforce the vision, respects the needs and contributions of others for quality service delivery, appreciates the operational pressures within the region/centre.
  • Self-Motivation - self-starter with excellent organisational and time management skills, ability to self-motivate and multi-task and work independently, aptitude to think on your feet and produce practical answers, proactive, shows initiative, leads by example, maintains accountability.
  • Collaborative Skills – an ability to engage Landcarers, various stake and knowledge holders in the co-design of innovative and culturally appropriate events, workshops and or information

Key Deliverables

Program Management

  • Providing expert input into the development, implementation and promotion of effective high-quality community engagement strategies, initiatives and programs
  • Establish appropriate guiding protocols for incorporating Aboriginal practices into Landcare work and fostering understanding within Landcare groups where appropriate
  • Providing ongoing support and guidance to build proficiency and skills in appropriate cultural engagement into Landcare activities.
  • Developing high quality and effective information collateral, tools, outreach activities and other products.
  • Developing and maintaining effective working relationships with key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Collect and collate data, analyse information and provide accurate, appropriately balanced advice, reports and recommendations that will progress the success of this initiative


  • Assist Landcare NSW to develop a clear statement of intent, which acknowledges the need to improve and foster relationships with Aboriginal peoples and communities in NSW.
  • Landcare NSW, in partnership, develops the correct terminology with regards to Aboriginal people and cultures in its communications and working cultural practices.


  • Assist Landcare NSW to learn from existing Aboriginal plans (land and sea) and to establish key contacts

Representation (Advocacy)

  • Assist Landcare NSW in considering options for incorporating Aboriginal voices and perspectives at regional and council forums. Landcare NSW, in partnership, investigates ways in which Aboriginal leadership can be integrated within existing Landcare governance and planning structures


  • Assist Landcare NSW to develop educational materials to explain Aboriginal perspectives and involvement in Landcare activities (“busting the myths”)
  • Provide regular communications that can be incorporated into Landcare NSW newsletters, information and websites to promote this program, highlighting successful partnerships


  • Work with strategic partners to identify potential sources of funding and resourcing to increase Aboriginal involvement in Landcare activities, networks and projects and/or establish connections between existing groups that could augment activity through collaboration.

Essential Criteria

  1. Demonstrated experience in working with Aboriginal organisations, communities and people engaged in natural resource management
  2. Relevant practical expertise and experience in community engagement and community development
  3. Skills and ability to use a range of computer software including word processing, databases and spreadsheets
  4. Current valid NSW Driver License and the ability and willingness to regularly travel throughout NSW
  5. Knowledge and understanding of community engagement in working on country
  6. Knowledge and experience working within the Aboriginal sector, particularly in New South Wales
  7. Ability to collaborate effectively and develop partnerships with key service providers within the community, government and non-government organisations
  8. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills – including verbal and written abilities


  1. Previous work experience or knowledge of working in a community based or not-for-profit organisation.

Additional Information:

Landcare NSW Inc is an equal opportunity employer, with employment under the organisation’s standard employment agreement or as negotiated.

We are committed to achieving a diverse workforce and strongly encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Location is negotiable within NSW. Depending on your location you may need to work from home for which an office allowance will be negotiated.

Must have a valid Driver’s Licence.

Attendance at meetings outside of normal work hours may be required. Travel around the state and overnight stays will be required.

You may be required to use your own vehicle for work purposes, and provide us with copies of comprehensive or at least Third Party Property insurance for your vehicle. Vehicle use will be reimbursed on a per kilometre basis.

How to apply:

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