Waterway Specialist / Geomorphologist




Bright (North East Victoria) or Melbourne

Are you a curious, courageous, fun and hard-working professional who is passionate and wants to make an impact on our precious natural environments?

Then this is your chance to:

  • make a difference in the strategic management of waterways and catchments
  • be integral to shaping the direction of a vibrant and growing company
  • further develop yourself into one of the leading waterway specialists

Who is Streamology?

Streamology is a niche consulting company founded in 2014 focused on the science and management of waterways, wetlands, estuaries and catchments. The foundations of the company come from two decades of consulting and academic experience, and recognition of the gap between the two. We seek to provide knowledge, leadership and inspiration for the management of catchments and waterway landscapes that engenders positive social and environmental change.

With strong ties to universities, and a focus on strategic solutions, Streamology is considered an industry leader in the integration of current knowledge to pragmatic approaches and solutions that make a difference to the way we manage our water and waterways. We straddle the divide between research and practice. We develop methods, frameworks, monitoring programs, designs and strategies, and apply them to projects throughout Australia for both urban and rural settings.

With so many interesting projects flowing in, we are a bustling firm seeking people to join us to continue to build our high performing team.

The position

This position forms a core element of the Streamology consulting team. It will allow the right candidate to influence the direction of not only the company, but to also play a fundamental role in achieving the outcome of healthier waterway environments.

This position will cover a broad spectrum of projects with a specific focus on fluvial geomorphology, waterway science, strategy, monitoring and assessments, environmental flows, and the management of physical form and functioning. An indication of the positions responsibilities is to; 

  • Manage projects and respective team members, liaise with clients, and/or contribute to the delivery of projects in both urban and rural waterway settings.
  • Produce geomorphic desktop and field assessments of waterways and landscapes, including development of methods, monitoring, categorisations, strategies and conceptual designs (through to functional and detailed design if appropriate).
  • Deliver environmental flows/streamflow investigations, monitoring and assessments (both rural and urban environments).
  • Produce specialist mapping and interpretation for waterways using UAV technology.
  • Crunch data to work out the ‘what ‘and the ‘why’, e.g. in excel, R or specialist packages
  • Work in a fast-paced environment where the goal posts change (a lot!) and be able to manage your time
  • Develop winning proposals highlighting Streamology’s point of difference.

Ultimately, this is a position that allows you to influence the way waterways positively shape our industry and our landscapes. The right candidate will make a difference to the management of water, waterways and catchments and be integral to shaping the direction of a vibrant and growing company.

What you bring with you is:

  • A passion and understanding for the management of waterways and water, and the underlying science, and want to help make a difference.
  • Between 5 and 15-years’ experience as a geomorphologist and you like to either push the science, or at least keep abreast of it.
  • An appropriate tertiary qualification (e.g. a degree in environmental science/geography/engineering or equivalent, with strong interest and experience in fluvial geomorphology, sedimentology and river health).
  • Lateral thinking, but a good eye for the detail.
  • Ability to liaise with clients in a high-rise boardroom or on the edge of a muddy river.
  • Strong project management skills allowing you to take carriage of a number of projects from inception to completion and manage the team to deliver on time.
  • A strong writing style allowing you to distil the complex problem into a simple message for our clients.
  • A desire to push the boundaries.


Either Melbourne or Bright (the gem of northeast Victoria and our HQ), with work throughout Australia, and overseas opportunities. Or in a café, or on the side of a river, or wherever you feel you are most creative and productive.

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